The “Sword of Jerusalem” Becomes the “Guardian of Palestine”

Elijah J. Magnier strewn in the streets of Gaza after Israeli airstrikes (Photo: Getty Images).

The battle for Gaza has ended, for the time being, following an unconditional ceasefire declared unilaterally by Israel and approved by the Palestinian resistance group. At 02:00 am local time early Friday morning, May 21, and after intense negotiations involving the United States, Egypt and Qatar, the Israeli army put an end to the indiscriminate slaughter that “wiped out entire Palestinian families on purpose” and destroyed Gaza’s infrastructure and homes. In addition, Israel agreed to stop expelling the inhabitants of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem. Palestinian resistance groups accepted the cease-fire, but promised to keep missiles ready in case Israel broke the agreement.

The most important outcome of this battle came from Syria, resulting in President Bashar al-Assad reopening his doors to Hamas, who contributed to the slaughter of Syrian citizens and the Syrian army when many of its members sided with the takfiris during the last ten years of war.

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza’s civilian population and infrastructure has reached the level of a war crime that the world has so far failed to condemn. This is not the first time Israel has waged wars and battles against Lebanon, Syria and Gaza. Hating and killing Arabs is part of its political doctrine. The world expressed its anger against the takfiri terrorist organization “Islamic State” (ISIS-Daesh) and Saudi Arabia for its radical teachings. This teaching follows the radical doctrine of Sheikh Ibyn Taymiyyeh and Sheikh Mohamad Abdel’ Wahhab and promotes the death or enslavement of other Muslim sects and non-Muslim religions as a whole.

The West considers extremist Islamic teaching programs to be hate speech, an incitement to kill other human beings, to be eliminated or fundamentally changed. But what does Israel teach its children? It is no better. The world should know about the Israeli school curriculum and its toxic content.

To illustrate its radicalism, an Israeli recording was shown in which the following dialogue took place:

Teacher: Where is Solomon’s temple?

Students: In the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and we will build it there in the next few years.

Teacher: What will happen to the Al-Aqsa Mosque?

Students: It will collapse, explode and disappear.

Teacher: If you met an Arab child, what would you feel?

Students: You would want to kill him.

Teacher: What do you think will happen in Jerusalem in ten years?

Students: The entire population will be Jewish.

Teacher: And what will be the fate of the Arabs there?

Students: They will become our slaves, or there will be a battle in which all the Arabs will be killed.

This is what is taught in elementary school classes in Israel. It is an education for murder, hatred, enslavement of Arabs and the destruction of the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is now in the eye of the hurricane.

Excavations under Al-Aqsa began after the 1967 war, when Harat Al-Maghariba (the 770-year-old Moroccan neighborhood), adjacent to the Al-Buraq Wall, was demolished from the western side of the mosque to serve as an entrance for Zionist soldiers and settlers to their squares. Since then, Israel has not stopped looking for the “Temple of Solomon”, an excuse to seize one of the most important religious sites for Muslims.

Israel has succeeded in undermining the foundations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. There have been major cracks in the southern wall of Al-Aqsa due to continuous excavations under the Al-Buraq wall. Israel is accused of injecting chemicals into the mosque’s walls to cause them to corrode. The damage to Al-Aqsa began after the opening of a new hall for Jewish worshippers in Al-Buraq Square under the Islamic Courts building in 2006 to connect the Herodian road that runs from the bottom of the Al-Buraq Wall to the suburb of Silwan, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Gaza war that recently erupted is due to Palestinian militants’ awareness of Zionist officials’ intention to Judaize Jerusalem and expel all Arab residents from the city. Israel began its campaign in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah to forcibly displace Arabs from their land and settle a Zionist population in their place. Palestinian resistance groups (mainly Hamas and Islamic Jihad) in Gaza decided to give Israel an ultimatum to prevent it from deporting Arabs and Muslims from Jerusalem. Former US President Donald Trump illegally offered the city as a gift to his friend Netanyahu. Thus, Israel’s goal was (and still is) to seize Jerusalem, moving in subsequent years towards the West Bank.

Israel will not cease its objectives, but will have to postpone its plans to occupy Jerusalem for one more term. Therefore, Gaza’s decision to link the cease-fire agreement – despite heavy human and material losses – to the protection of the Palestinian inhabitants of Jerusalem is a decision that stems from the will to defend the holy city and the Arab population.

The Palestinian population of Gaza seems willing to accept the losses suffered in this and future battles, a price the Palestinians consider worthy for defending what is left of Palestine. Israel would like to isolate Gaza City and leave it to the Palestinians because it is overflowing with 1.7 million inhabitants in 368 km2. Israel does not want to bear the burden of controlling Gaza and taking care of its residents, a plan that could take dozens of years and cause huge losses.

The Gaza war, which broke out about ten days ago, is the first in a series of future conflicts in which all Israeli cities will be under the rain of Palestinian missiles. Israel is building up its military capability. So is the resistance, which is targeting the far north and south, forcing Israeli residents and their political and military leaders into bomb shelters.

Gaza has achieved its objectives and, as a result, the “Sword of Jerusalem” will continue to impose itself on Israel after the end of this war, until it is time for the next battle.

This article was originally published on Elijah J. Magnier’s blog on May 23, 2021, translated into Spanish by Eli C. Casas.

English Translation by Internationalist 360°