Press Statement Issued by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine mourn the martyrs of our people who rose as a result of the criminal Zionist aggression in Gaza and the occupied interior, and we affirm that the pure blood that was shed will continue to be a curse that haunts the occupier, its leaders and their offspring.

We pay tribute to our heroic people in Gaza, the glory, the bank of steadfastness, the sanctification of the patriarchs, and within the occupied interior, that has proven to be the strongest with his solid will and steel resolve in the face of the oppression of the occupation and its continuous aggression.

The Palestinian resistance has conveyed its clear message to the enemy that harming our people and its sanctities is a red line, and if it thinks about committing more foolishness, it will pay a dear price, and this is confirmation that it will continue its heroic battle until the enemy acquiesces to the conditions of the resistance and stops committing crimes.

Jerusalem is the jewel of the Palestinian crown and the resistance, headed by the Brigades of the martyr Abu Ali Mustafa will not abandon it and will work day and night for its victory and defense, and here is a message for our people in all places of its presence, in the face of the criminal entity.

Either we are or we are not, and let the enemy hear our voice by our actions on the ground.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
May 11, 2021