Venezuela Has a Strategy: Bolivarian Shield

Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein practice combat tactics for the defense of their homeland, Feb. 15, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @Bauxilum_CVG

Throughout history (at least since the end of World War II) the interventionist imprint of the United States has had the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as the main actor. The entire conspiratorial framework that led to armed invasions, coups d’état against democratic presidents, the assassination of leaders, the destabilization of countries, the training of terrorists and officials of other nations, the application of interrogations under torture and the systematization of methods of obtaining information in violation of human rights and all kinds of illegal actions were based on covert and intelligence operations of this service founded in 1947.

The secrecy and concealment of CIA operations set the tone of U.S. foreign policy in permanent conflict with the State Department and the National Security Advisor, in the protagonism to claim achievements in the fulfillment of the country’s imperial international objectives.

A paradigmatic case in this sense was the action of the United States against Chile during the government of President Salvador Allende. In the first place, President Nixon tried by all means to prevent Allende from being ratified by Congress as required by Chilean law at the time. They even resorted to the expedient of assassinating the Commander in Chief of the Army, General René Schneider, a constitutionalist military officer.

When this objective was not achieved, Nixon gave instructions to destabilize the country in order to make the Popular Unity government fail and provoke a collapse under the order to “crunch the economy”, granting ample resources and powers that created the conditions for the coup d’état of September 1973. All this, in collusion with the armed forces, opposition political parties, business associations and the media.

Although there were external manifestations of the violent preparations for the interruption of democracy, everything was planned and organized in total secrecy. Perhaps at that time the existence of a bipolar international system prevented the United States from acting with open impunity.

Today this is no longer the case. A world that is undefined in terms of its structure, struggles between the unipolar imposition of the United States and its cronies, in particular a blurred and subordinate Europe, lacking in international personality, which clashes with the majority desire for multipolarity.

However, there is not enough strength to counter imperial arrogance or to prevent the excesses of the American power, which acts with total impunity in the face of the violation of international law. It has even reached the point of absurdity that the UN is headed by a former prime minister of a NATO country, the most aggressive and warlike military alliance in history.

This is the context that allows the United States to publicly unveil its plans of aggression without having to face any kind of backlash. In the case of Venezuela, this situation has been more than evident.

Initially, it was notable that it was the U.S. diplomat James Story, accredited in Bogota and in charge of the Venezuelan Office in Colombia, acting as leader of Venezuelan terrorism, who announced in March the creation of a new political platform to bring together that sector of the Venezuelan opposition.

Said grouping baptized as New Alliance for Free Elections will be “a platform composed of the civil society, several NGOs, the business sector and the political parties of the G-4, which will work together to fight against the regime”. With this, the “Frente Amplio Venezuela Unida”, which, like its countless predecessors, failed in the attempt to overthrow the government of President Nicolás Maduro by force, was superseded.

Thus, it is clear that, in view of the fiasco and disappointment of the national leadership, the United States has decided that at this stage, this responsibility will be assumed directly by a member of the State Department, who with a renewed CIA in the Biden administration will try to form -as in Allende’s Chile- a grouping of “opposition political parties, business associations and the media”, since their intentions to break the Bolivarian National Armed Forces were frustrated, a fundamental element that contrasts sharply with the already known Chilean experience.

More recently, last Tuesday, March 6, another aspect of the multifunctional war that the United States is waging against Venezuela was revealed publicly by its leaders. The Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, telephoned the President of Colombia, Ivan Duque, to thank him for the services that Bogota is rendering to the United States in order to build a “multifaceted alliance” with the objective of overthrowing the government of Venezuela and installing one of their liking. Of course… that was disguised as the “common commitment” they have “to the restoration of democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela”.

Blinken made it clear that the violation of human rights in Colombia, the disrespect for the rule of law and the multiple assassinations of social leaders and former FARC combatants, will continue to be supported by the United States, as long as Colombia continues to be Washington’s aircraft carrier for its intervention in the region. Of course… this was disguised as “Colombia’s efforts to promote democracy throughout the region”.

Likewise, Blinken assured Duque that in order to maintain his security policy, which means the extermination of social leaders, extrajudicial executions, alliance with drug trafficking and paramilitarism, and a more accelerated increase of Colombian cocaine exports to the United States so that young people in that country have sufficient drugs for their consumption, without creating dangerous insufficiencies for the market, Colombia will continue to count on the support of the United States. Of course… that was masked as “Washington’s commitment to continue close cooperation on security, rural development and counter-narcotics to support peace in Colombia.”

“By the mouth dies the fish”, they themselves have made known their strategy: creation of a new terrorist platform that seeks to consolidate the social support they have not achieved; military actions on the border in alliance with drug trafficking gangs, paramilitaries and criminals, in addition to the blockade of Venezuelan resources so that no fuel or vaccines arrive in order to create unrest among the people as terrorist leaders such as Julio Borges and Juan Guaidó have revealed, trying with this, to blame the government for such situation.

In this new strategy, in which it seems that the Biden administration has decided to take direct control of operations, gathering under a single command its Armed Forces, the State Department, the CIA, Colombian paramilitary organizations, drug trafficking cartels, the Colombian government and the internal terrorist sector, Venezuela has also unveiled its strategy: Bolivarian Shield, that is, people, army, citizen conscience, patriotic spirit, will to fight and resist and civil-military alliance.

Translation by Internationalist 360°