Growing Danger of War: The Insane Strategy of the US and its European Minions

Andres Piqueras

“I will continue with every fiber in my being to keep America involved with troops that can shoot and kill. I believe it is absolutely essential for American troops to be on the ground with loaded rifles and drawn bayonets. Joe Biden (Via Anti-Bellum)”

For those who rejoiced at Biden’s electoral victory, I am afraid there is bad news. Those of us who warned that with the Democrats the danger of war would skyrocket have been proved right. The worst predictions that could have been drawn from the new president’s inaugural speech have been materializing.

He warned (threatened) Germany not to proceed with its energy supply project (Nord Stream 2), and backtracked on the withdrawal of troops from German territory, which incidentally makes it clear that it is still a colonized country (the US administration, mocking once again “free trade”, directly threatened the companies involved in the construction of the gas pipeline with reprisals, including military harassment).

Biden called Putin a “murderer”, which in diplomatic terms amounts to only half a step prior to an open declaration of war. The US is putting more and more pressure on Russia’s borders through NATO, alarming both the Baltic (even the polar latitudes) and Eastern Europe, also destabilizing the Caucasus.

Biden invited China to his home (Alaska) and then went on to insult Chinese diplomats about alleged violations of rights, especially in Uighur territory (of course, the American emissaries were careful not to comment on how the US has been infiltrating terrorist and paramilitary networks in that territory for years in order to destabilize China).

Biden has threatened India with sanctions if it does not reverse the purchase and deployment of Russian S-400 missiles. He seeks to renew the union against Iran in order to break Iran and cut off the vital core of the Chinese Silk Road. He besieges China itself in the sea that surrounds it. He threatens Korea with new naval military maneuvers. He has been slowing down the withdrawal of troops from West Asia, and in the specific case of Syria (where he is illegally occupying its oil fields), he is attempting to reactivate the war with new infiltrations of paramilitaries and jihadists into the country.

Biden is preparing an intervention against Venezuela through irregular troops, paramilitary, narco-gangs and armed criminal gangs, with the collaboration of the Colombian army, on the border between the two countries.

But the most outlandishly dangerous thing of all is that he is activating a new escalation of war in Ukraine, with ominous consequences. The Ukrainian army has begun to massively deploy its multiple launch rocket systems in Donbass, to attack the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, which it has been harassing for weeks. And, more seriously, it has declared its intention to go after Crimea. All this after recent high-level talks between U.S. and Ukrainian officials. The U.S. is supplying Ukraine with weapons, while deploying some of its deadliest combat aircraft in the area.

This marks an imminent danger of all-out war, especially daunting for European societies, given that Russia appears to have military superiority over NATO. If a confrontation were to break out, it could destroy Europe in a remarkably short time. Meanwhile, the U.S. would once again be far from the theatre of war.

Before going any further, let us be clear about a few things.

In a capitalism that is globalized but lacks a global territorial political entity (something like a world state), a good part of its command strategies are exercised directly or indirectly by the dominant power, a hegemon that is responsible to a greater extent than any other for creating or recreating, organizing and directing the set of world institutions necessary for the global regulation of the system.

This system, the capitalist system, can only very haphazardly procure “welfare” and improvements for the populations of the world, since its main purpose is the expanded reproduction of capital through high rates of corporate profit.

The US, as the hegemonic power, is the main supporter of this accumulation of capital and of the private profit of the capitalist class, at whatever cost. That is why, among many other things, the only issue the U.S. would be concerned about is that human rights are actually respected. That is why it has promoted and maintained dictatorships all over the planet, from those of the American Southern Cone, to the savage monarchies of the Gulf, passing through apartheid South Africa.

That is why its main ally and recipient of financial-political-strategic support is Israel, the State that commits the most violations of UN resolutions, that practices systematic ‘apartheid’ and ethnic cleansing, that is based on a racist constitution, that systematically practices terrorism and that is a continuous danger to all of Western Asia.

That is why it has NATO member Turkey as an ally, another record holder in ethnic cleansing and terrorism against its own and adjacent populations. That is why its main recipient of “aid” in America is Colombia, champion of State terrorism, with systematic massacres of its population, and cause of a growing risk of destabilization of the entire region (see this excellent report on the subject: “Diffuse warfare” on the Colombian-Venezuelan Border).

As for the chapter of invasions and destruction of countries, the following have been the direct military interventions of the USA (alone or with NATO) after the fall of the USSR:

Iraq (1991): with UN sanction.

Somalia (1993): U.S. and some “allies”, with UN sanctions

Yugoslavia (1995): NATO, without UN sanctions

Afghanistan and Sudan (1998): unilateral US attack.

Yugoslavia (1999): NATO, without U.N. sanction

Afghanistan (2001): NATO, without UN sanction [until present].

Iraq (2003): US and some “allies”, without UN authorization

Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia (2002): drone strikes, without UN authorization [until present].

Libya (2011): NATO intervention, with UN sanction.

Syria (2014): US – NATO [until present].

Interventions that Arthur K. Cebrowski, admiral and director of the Office of Force Transformation in the U.S. Department of Defense, designed to be made on “disposable countries” whose state structures had to be destroyed.

Fundamentally, the hegemon targets those social formations that are within the territorial space or the security zone of the former USSR and its alliances. Also those countries likely to consolidate the Chinese Silk Road.

As for the American continent itself, the US has recently promoted judicial coups d’état, with the intervention of police-military forces, in Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Honduras. It has destroyed almost all of Central America (which it invaded or carried out coups d’état on repeated occasions in the 20th century), with counterinsurgency warfare, paramilitary gangs, promotion of states of terror and armed criminal gangs everywhere, achieving a brutal impoverishment of the populations which is now returning to the US in the form of “migrant caravans”, desperate masses fleeing from misery and death.

Within this strategy of death are included the so-called fourth generation or “hybrid” wars, which combine the use of political-economic pressure, “popular uprisings” and terrorism in its different expressions (subversive operations, clandestine and false flag actions, proxy warfare…), including the use of irregular armed forces and terrorist networks, promoted or created ad hoc. Media propaganda, cybernetics and artificial intelligence are also used. In good part with the invaluable help of Great Britain and its BBC.

All this in a historical context of capitalist decadence, of systemic structural crisis with no prospects of sustained recovery.

We have, then, a degenerative capitalism plus a hegemonic power in decline: a perfectly explosive situation. Especially if we consider that this power refuses to be defeated and has become a monster that revolts against everything, including its own population, an increasing part of which is left without the minimum rights of citizenship [a danger to the world as was already described in “USA against the world (and against itself)” – (].

But there is also a secondary actor, both tragic and vile: the EU. This “supra-state ” paradigm of the international institutions of financialized capitalism, has decided to submissively follow all the plans of the decadent hegemon, even at the cost of its vital interests. They are making political-economic sanctions their main rationale against emerging countries which they can no longer dominate with the “free market”. This is a weapon of dirty war.

EU leaders claim that these sanctions are to enforce respect for Human Rights. It would be laughable if there were not so much death and pain behind it.

If they wanted to sanction someone for not complying with Human Rights, there is the U.S. because of the actions described above.

If they wanted a case like Navalni’s, but this time true, they have Assange, persecuted, imprisoned and tortured for denouncing with evidence the crimes of the USA (before the overwhelming silence and complicity of most of the “free western press”). If they want to talk about torture, there is Guantanamo (in addition to the dozens of “clandestine” torture centers that the US maintains all over the world, sometimes aboard warships). But it seems that the servile European leadership cannot make up its mind when it invents pretexts.

Desperate in the face of the systemic chaos they generate, including the economic debacle, and in the face of their undeniable ineptitude in safeguarding even the health of their populations in the face of the current pandemic, the elites of global capital announced at the last World Economic Forum, the Great Reset of capitalism.

A new turn of the screw to the loss of democracy, to population control, to the precariousness of labor markets, to generalized impoverishment, to environmental deterioration. The same elites announce it as the convergence of economic, monetary, technological, medical, genetic, environmental, military and governmental systems.

In economic and monetary policy terms, the Great Reset implies a consolidation of wealth and the probable issuance of a universal basic income to “sustain” unemployed populations. It could include a move to a digital currency, with a centralization of bank accounts and Banks, immediate real-time taxation, negative interest rates (charging more and more for having money in the Bank), and centralized surveillance and control of spending and debt.

The Great Reset also means the issuance of medical passports, soon to be digitized, including medical history, genetics and disease statuses. Covid-19 is providing ideal training for populations to accept such things. The Great Reset also accentuates war as an economic, geostrategic and international relations instrument, especially against Russia and China.

Obviously, what it is provoking at the moment, by reaction, is a greater rapprochement between these two countries, which are also trying to weave a constructive diplomacy as a counterweight to the chaos. China has just strengthened strategic ties with Iran; it has proposed coordination with the Arab countries, also tempting Turkey to turn towards Asia, and making India aware of the importance of the Silk Road, based on trade, the productive-energy economy and, in short, mutual benefit. Russia is an energy power, already an unavoidable fulcrum of Eurasia.

Unfortunately, everything indicates that the EU has decided to commit suicide alongside the declining hegemon. To go down the same historical cesspool as the hegemon. This means that “Western” diplomacy is increasingly confined to war actions. Thus, its diplomacy is self-denial, an insane “strategy” that brings us precipitously closer to military confrontation and places the entire planet at risk. A new “Cold War” with increasing possibilities of turning into a hot one, which is being inflicted on the European populations themselves as victims of another war which inseparably accompanies the previous one: the class war.

Translation by Internationalist 360°