Bolivia: Catholic Hierarchy Denies the Existence of the Coup d’Etat

Ollantay Itzamná Conference of Bolivia.

With astonishment I see, once again, that the Bolivian Catholic hierarchy, before the beginning of the judicial investigation against those responsible for the coup d’état and the subsequent massacres in November 2019, made a strong statement accusing/recriminating the judicial authorities, demanding the freedom of the de facto ex-governor who was detained. However, in the ordeal of the Senkata and Huayllani massacres, there was no bishop to recriminate the Christian executioners.

Why do they deny the existence of the coup d’état in Bolivia?

Only those who feel guilty with the massacres, or shocked by the impact of the judicial arrests against the actors of the coup d’état, can deny at this point the existence of the violent rupture of the constitutional order in Bolivia that occurred in November 2019.

The Bolivian Catholic hierarchy was one of the architects and legitimizers of the coup d’état because the bishops met with politicians opposed to the Morales government, and ambassadors from other countries, and decided who would be the de facto successor to the presidential office. The journalistic evidence and confessions are abundant.

The Catholic bishops feel guilt and fear. They know that if the executors of the coup and the massacres are tried and imprisoned, the “intellectual and spiritual authors” will also have to be investigated and punished. This is the reason why they try to drown the truth about the coup d’état and the massacres in the name of God.

Why did the Bolivian Catholic hierarchy bet on the Coup d’Etat? Gualberti. Archbishop of Santa Cruz

Those who violently defenestrated the constitutional government of Evo Morales, in 2019, did so emboldened and legitimized by the Bible, the cross, the rosary, prayers, etc.

With Bible in hand, and in the name of God, the usurper decreed immunity for the military that massacred indigenous people and discontented peasants. The bishops, in the face of this infernal hecatomb, under a Christian banner, kept their ominous silence. Why?

Deep down, the Catholic hierarchy trusted that the coup d’état would restore the longed-for political order of the Catholic Republic. They trusted that with the return to the Republic their privileges, diminished during the 14 years of the MAS government, would be restored. But, the “Catholic dictatorship” headed by the “favorite” of the bishops was a total disaster. To the extent that, now, even the “untouchables” feel the breath of justice blowing on their necks.

What is happening and will happen with the Catholic Church in Bolivia?

The desperate and even irrational attitude of the Catholic hierarchy is evidence of their sense of guilt. They know that they have once again beaten the people in the name of God, and that the believing people have returned to power through the ballot box to bring justice to their executioners.

At this moment, as never before, there is an open repudiation against the Catholic hierarchy that promoted and sponsored the massacres and humiliations of the Bolivian people. This repudiation has been earned by the bishops. Especially for attacking the administrators of justice who belatedly begin to investigate the culprits.

In view of the contempt for the dignity and life of Bolivians by the Bolivian Catholic hierarchy, the Plurinational State is obliged to review the contents of the Concordat signed with the Vatican. All the privileges that the Bolivian State has granted to the Catholic Church with the taxes of the people must be abolished.

Authentic spirituality inevitably leads us to exercise our prophetic vocation, not only by disobeying the orientation and twisted preaching of the Catholic hierarchy, but also by denouncing them for being accomplices and co-responsible for the coup d’état and the massacres against our defenseless brothers and sisters. It is urgent that the Church be attentive to the pain of the suffering peoples. It is unforgivable that for a plate of lentils the Bolivian Catholic hierarchy sells an entire local Church to the hyenas of hell.