The Geopolitical Struggle Has Been Globalized: Unipolarism-Multipolarism

Jorge Rachid

“We must not just change our collar: we must stop being dogs”.  – Arturo Jauretche

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the hegemonism of the USA, self-declared victor of the Cold War, the world has been living a situation of tension and conflict, in which new actors emerged who began to question that position.

Since the years of the global neo-liberal duo, Reagan-Thatcher, the scenarios of conflict, commercial, cultural, economic and financial wars have taken place in third world environments, far away from the metropolis in question. Baghdad was then far from Washington; Kiev, peripheral to the European Union; the Philippines, between China and the US 7th Fleet. Damascus was trapped between Turkey and the operations of the CIA, Mossad and the British M16, arming ISIS, along with Libya and Yemen, which were devastated for oil and for the control of the Strait of Hormuz, and the permanent aggression against Iran.

Latin America was navigating in the multipolar world, from the change of the geopolitical map of the region, from Unasur and Celac, which, through BRICS, opened the commercial floodgates to the East, an fact intolerable for a USA thirsty to preserve its “backyard”, without the entry of new players, especially Russia and China. It then began its counter-offensive by boycotting, coup d’état, sacking and blocking the countries of our region that dared to cross those supposed limits imposed by the Empire’s colonialism.

Colonialism is what it is, and in the case of our country, it is even more so when we see how the war scenario moves to the South Atlantic, from the colonial position of the Malvinas, a NATO base, with deployment towards the Antarctic territory. With the consequent maritime depredation, the inter-oceanic passages and the future exploitation of the only continent not attacked in its entrails, which is Antarctica, which possesses riches from fossil fuels to lithium, gold and other minerals necessary for new and old technologies. In addition to the precious gold of the 21st century: the fresh water of its polar ice cap.

The pandemic, as a global health crisis event, modified all previous scenarios and subjected the whole world to attack; there were no more third world settings to fight against the virus. Everything was flooded. But as always, it is the people, the poorest sectors, who suffer the worst consequences. Even those who until recently knew nothing about the Middle East, or where it was, such as the American people, who are now beginning to see their compatriots dying -images that used to come from abroad-, victims of incomprehensible wars.

The deaths were largely caused by the pandemic without receiving medical assistance in the USA, despite having, due to an impressive economic investment, a military deployment in the world of 1100 military bases which, paralyzed in their operations because of the virus.

There were over 2 million deaths in the world in 2020 due to the pandemic. The macabre accounts were published daily on the front pages of all the media. These victims still do not reach the 2.5 million dead in the last 15 years of wars and destruction of cities and historical monuments. Many of them caused by colonial aggressions in third world countries, always in the name of “freedom and democracy”.

We add 4.5 million displaced persons, who are shown only as the poor fleeing from misery across the Mediterranean, due to the complicit attitude of the hegemonic media that never explain the exact causes.

This civilizational crisis, laid bare by the pandemic, changes the world geopolitical axes by realigning forces, from which the Eastern world emerges firmly above Western hegemony. And it does so both from the economic and technological point of view, as well as from the military one. A cycle of Western vision of life, of the world and of things has come to an end. The Hegelian view of history has collapsed. The living memory of 7000 years of experience, buried by the cultural arrogance of the western world of establishing recorded history beginning with 2400 years of religious and monarchic impositions, followed by capitalism and neoliberalism, is being reconstructed.

We may wonder if the world will be better or worse after this pandemic combined with global warming, anticipation of further pandemics, if we human beings cannot recover Humanity as a planetary experience at the biocentric anthropomorphic service, and fall in love again with the care of nature. The ecological catastrophe is approaching by leaps and bounds and is presenting us with signs: in medicine we would call it symptoms and signs of Mother Earth’s anger.

The Matria, developed in peace by the mestizo, brown, brown, deep Creole thinking of our Patria Grande, has always contributed to the respect of nature in spite of the colonial aggressions of the hegemonic North that invaded countries of the region 33 times and, simultaneously, blockaded and subdued peoples and governments during the XIX, XX and XXI centuries, according to an Anglo-Saxon imperial conception.

The image of a future model of active social solidarity among the peoples of Latin America is demonstrated today by a blockaded Venezuela, which sends oxygen to the Manaus of a devastated Brazil; the production of vaccines in Argentina for 150 million Latin Americans together with Mexico; Bolivian gas to our country; the recovery of Mercosur and soon of Unasur. It is necessary to open up to the world from our identity, without capitulation, in the name of macroeconomic schemes and much less cultural colonizations, which attempt to erase the memory of the peoples, as the dominant neoliberalism did.

From every crisis comes an opportunity, and the pandemic has allowed this to happen, by revealing the true nature of an unlivable, brutal and inhuman system, which we had naturalized and which is eating away at the foundations of humanity as we have known it up to now. If we continue to behave in the same way, we will get the same results: Mother Earth is warning us.

Translation by Internationalist 360°