Venezuela: DGCIM Neutralizes Operation Red October, a Terrorist Plan Directed by Guaidó

Misión Verdad Colombian narco-paramilitary gang Los Rastrojos was allegedly involved in the dismantled Operation Red October (Photo: Archive).

During a press conference, the deputy to the National Assembly (AN) and protector of Táchira state, Freddy Bernal, reported on the results of an investigation by the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM), in Caracas, on the so-called Operation Red October.

This operation aimed at assassinating several civilians and military personnel, in addition to causing damage to military infrastructures, was led by the former anti-Chavez deputy Juan Guaidó.

Bernal highlighted that the operations would be carried out by a subject born in Colombia, but with American nationality, by the name of Scott Benson.

We denounce Operation Red October: headed in #Táchira by Ben Smith Benson, alias Luis Alberto Medina Guzmán, US citizen, mercenary trained in Colombia and the US in the military arts and with electronic warfare actions in the Middle East. 1/3

– Freddy Bernal (@FreddyBernal) January 26, 2021

The parliamentarian specified that Benson’s objective was to “sabotage the antennas of the SECODENA of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB)” in order to minimize their responses at the time of any paramilitary armed incursion against Venezuela “from Colombia”, Bernal emphasized.

The leader of this Operation is Juan Guaidó. They were looking to sabotage antennas of the SECODENA of the FANB to avoid any reaction against attacks from Colombia; in addition to liquidate political actors such as Dip. Yhon Luna; José Belisario, spokesman of the Protectorate and myself. 2/3

– Freddy Bernal (@FreddyBernal) January 26, 2021

According to DGCIM investigations, Benson had the mission of executing several civilians and military personnel, among them deputy Yhon Luna, Rafael Belisario (president of Gas Táchira) and deputy Bernal himself.

After the investigations, several people were arrested for collaborating and providing information to Benson. Among those arrested is a woman named Karelys Silva, alias “La Negra”, and Jean Carlos Roa, alias “Porki”, linked to the Colombian narco-paramilitary gang Los Rastrojos.

The DGCIM has captured two individuals in this case: Jean Carlos Roa, alias Porkis; and Karelys Silva, alias “La Negra”. Both are at the order of the authorities. My congratulations to the DGCIM for guaranteeing the Peace of the Republic! 3/3

– Freddy Bernal (@FreddyBernal) January 26, 2021

More information about the operation will be unveiled in the coming days, after the investigation is deepened by the authorities with the testimonies of the detainees.

Translation by Internationalist 360°