Pablo Sepúlveda Allende: “Let the People Write the Constitution in Chile”

Pablo Salvador Sepúlveda Allende

“May the people for the first time understand that it is not from above, but from the very roots of their own conviction from where the Fundamental Charter that will give them their existence as a dignified, independent and sovereign people must be born.” – Salvador Allende.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the list of Social Movements of District 10 for giving me the opportunity to accompany them as a candidate for constituent in this electoral battle, where we intend to give our all, to transform everything.

My name is Pablo Salvador Sepúlveda Allende, I am a Chilean son of exiles who were exiled after the coup d’état. I was born and raised in Mexico, a beautiful and generous land that welcomed so many persecuted people. I did my high school education in Chile and then studied medicine at the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba, after which I completed three years of psychiatry (without graduating) at the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas.

In Chile I have always worked in the public health service, first in Coquimbo and now in Santiago as a general practitioner of Mental Health in the COSAM of Recoleta.

I have been in the streets joining the social demonstrations, but mainly I have been working as a medical health brigadista, to help and try to heal the wounds of our people as a result of state terrorism and the systematic violation of human rights that intentionally unleashed this corrupt government in order to intimidate us to demobilize us, and thus stay in power and continue plundering with the current neoliberal system.

My life has always been marked by the figure and legacy of Salvador Allende, who was the father of my mother, Carmen Paz Allende. Carrying the surname and blood of my grandfather Salvador Allende can only make me feel a great pride, but above all a great commitment to defend his legacy, so valid today.

I believe that the popular uprising that began on October 18, 2019 was the “sooner rather than later” that Allende announced in his last words, where he said that only the uprising and mobilized people will open the Great Avenues to build a better society.

Since that October, the words dignity and justice have been central in the political and social debate: “let dignity become customary” has been one of the great slogans of the revolt. Allende called the day on which the Nationalization of Copper was signed “the day of National Dignity”.

His legacy is more valid than ever today, proposing, with the sovereign control of this natural resource, a profound change in the economic system. Dignity will only be possible and real when the material conditions that ensure it are created, that is, when there is a fair, equitable and sustainable distribution of the generous wealth provided by our land, as well as the immense wealth generated by the workers of this country.

The time of great changes has begun, this year and this new decade will be defining for the future of the people. The neoliberal disaster brings us to a historic juncture of having to fight for the structural transformation of this unjust and unsustainable economic system. We are all called to expand this narrow, limited and tutelary democracy. The call is to give back to the people the sovereignty that was taken away from them in blood and fire by the corrupt elite that we already know.

This Constituent Process must be accompanied by the organization and social mobilization that gave it life with the social outburst, this process must lay the constitutional foundations for the full democratization of the entire society.

A true democracy, participatory, direct and binding, where the fundamental decisions for the future of the country, must be discussed with the citizens en masse, so that never again will a few people behind four walls with their backs to the people continue to decide the destiny of the great majorities.

Translation by Internationalist 360°