Post-Pandemic Anti-Imperialist Agenda

Pasqualina Curcio would be regrettable if the peoples of the world failed to take advantage of the new fractures that the covid-19 pandemic has left not only in the capitalist system and imperialism, understood as its highest phase, but above all in the US empire.For decades, the US has been losing space and power in at least 4 strategic areas: economic, military, technological and energy, a situation that the hegemonic media have concealed but which the coronavirus has been making visible and even accelerating. We have been writing about this issue and its details in recent months, however, it is worth repeating as many times as necessary that the US is in a precarious economic situation with an unpayable debt, with gold reserves that do not even cover 2% of that debt, with a balance of trade deficit dating back to the 70’s and an increasing dependence on China, and with a currency, the dollar, that continues to lose value.

This situation has unleashed a world reordering and a confrontation between powers, namely the US and China, in which the northern country is at a clear disadvantage and is losing more and more space, power and hegemony. China is moving forward with its new Silk Road and Belt trade project, which is not just a commercial project. It is a proposal that has monetary and financial implications, constituting a threat to one of the main weapon that imperialism and the U.S. empire have used to dominate and extort the peoples.

Since the end of World War II, the US has had at least two great powers: military (NATO being its main instrument) and monetary power, which in turn has had two very powerful elements: 1) The dollar, due to the imperial Breton Woods agreement granting that currency the exclusivity of being the world reference currency, subsequently in 1973, detaching it from the gold standard, basing it on the “confidence” of the US economy and turning it into the only currency with which oil could be purchased. 2) The monopoly of the SWIFT global payment system, which is nothing more than a great global “capex” through which literally everyone must pass every time they want to carry out a financial transaction and whose decisions are made by the owners of the US Federal Reserve.

The global reordering that Covid-19 has accelerated and which involves the increasing loss of US military and economic hegemony will not necessarily translate into an automatic change of the mode of production based on the exploitation of the worker, much less into the immediate end of the capitalist system, even though the pandemic has also revealed the crisis and the failure of that system. This loss of space, power and hegemony of the US empire is, however, a great opportunity for the peoples who decide to move towards a system of equality, justice and humanity to do so without the obstacles imposed by the US.

Since Truman established his Doctrine of Containment of Communism in 1947, in addition to the Iron Curtain that Winston Churchill brought down on Europe in 1946, we have observed how every time the peoples have initiated socialist revolutions, the US governments, in the framework of total unconventional war, have sought to impose and contain them through financial blockades made possible by the fact that they have a monopoly on the world’s financial markets through SWIFT. We have also observed how they have attacked the peoples of the world by attacking their currencies in an attempt to subdue them through hunger, made possible for the gringo empire by the power granted at Bretton Woods, which was later strengthened in 1973 by Nixon and Kissinger when they abandoned the gold standard and created fiat currencies and petro dollars.

For the world to reorder itself and move towards multilateralism and a monetary system that does not depend exclusively on the dollar and that does not have a single payment clearing system constitutes not only a loss of US power, but also a golden opportunity for revolutionary movements seeking to move towards a just and humane system. An opportunity that should be seized to gain time and space, and in this way to consolidate another egalitarian and humane system, demonstrating its achievements in order to undermine the bases that still sustain this exploitative mode of production and creator of inequalities, poverty, hunger and misery.

In this context, we propose some tasks within the framework of the post-pandemic anti-imperialist agenda. Tasks that point to the strategic objective of joining the acceleration of the reordering of a world that is pluripolar and multicentric and that implies the loss of US hegemony and therefore its power to contain socialist revolutions. For this we consider it necessary:

To make evident, in every corner of the Planet, the precarious economic, commercial, monetary, financial, technological, military and cultural situation of the USA.
Amplify with giant magnifying glasses what has already been made visible in a pandemic: the failure of the capitalist system to respond to the needs of the peoples, which is not only limited to the provision of health services but also to its capacity to generate inequalities, poverty and hunger in the world.
To unmask the economic weapons that the U.S. empire has used to subdue the peoples. And on this point, the proposal lies not only in denouncing the economic and financial blockade or the attack on currencies. It is necessary to denounce the structures and tools that give it the power to block and manipulate currencies. We propose to carry out campaigns against the monetary system based on a single world reference currency, in this case the dollar, as well as campaigns against the world financial system based exclusively on SWIFT.
Related to the previous point, to promote world economic reorganization based on new trade rules not imposed by the US; in a monetary system in which many currencies serve as a reference so as not to give power to any nation and not to make the same mistake of Breton Woods; in a financial system with infinite systems of payment compensation and to avoid the monopolies of financial seizures in the world.
Faced with the strategy of the empire and imperialism to depoliticize the peoples through depolarization (phenomena that we have been observing in Our America under the cloak of a discourse of “Unity”) maintain and deepen class consciousness, organization and mobilization of the peoples.

Let us take advantage of the opportunity that the decline of the U.S. empire gives us to advance towards socialism. There is no time to lose, especially because, simultaneously, the big capitals, in a wave of reinvention, are elaborating their Post Pandemic Imperialist Plan, if they do not already have one.

Translation by Internationalist 360°