Segundina Flores: “We Must Continue to Decolonize the State”

Periódico Bolivia National Confederation of Indigenous Peasant Women of Bolivia ‘Bartolina Sisa’ and the Central Obrera Boliviana reaffirmed their commitment to work together with the Government.

Social Organizations Ratify their Support to the Process of Change

The National Confederation of Indigenous Peasant Women of Bolivia ‘Bartolina Sisa’ and the Bolivian Labor Central (COB) celebrated, together with the national authorities, the 12 years of the creation of the Plurinational State of Bolivia affirming their unconditional support to the process of change.

The commemoration ceremony began with an ancestral ceremony and an offering to Pachamama in the Casa Grande del Pueblo. President Luis Arce and members of his ministerial cabinet led both activities in the company of amautas and yatiris of the country’s indigenous peoples.

The executive secretary of the National Confederation of Indigenous Peasant Women of Bolivia ‘Bartolina Sisa’, Segundina Flores, in her commemorative speech stressed that together with the 36 indigenous peoples they formed the Unity Pact that contributed to the recovery of the process of change and democracy.

“We have defended the process of change, we have recovered the economy from the hands of the oligarchy and colonialist imperialism,” she said.

Flores assured that, after a year of the coup d’état, the Social Community Productive Economic Model was recovered and the Government is working with the Government in the reactivation of the country’s strategic companies.

“We have a plan from the National Government with the people and their social organizations, that is what we are working on and we are going to continue doing it to build roads and create bonds”, she pointed out.

The leader of the ‘Bartolinas’ asserted that her organization will continue working on several projects in favor of the indigenous sectors of the country and together with President Luis Arce Catacora.

“Like our brother Mallku (Felipe Quispe), we will continue to fight for a good life for the indigenous native peasant peoples,” she said.

Building a new homeland executive secretary of the COB, Juan Carlos Huarachi, during his speech, celebrated the recovery of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and asked the Bolivian people to never allow the return of the politicians that during the regime of Jeanine Añez did much damage to Bolivia.

“That struggle has to give us a new horizon, build a new homeland, that is the permanent request of the people and the workers through new cadres, that is why we have a Plurinational State with a new identity,” he said.

The representative of the Bolivian workers said that the greatest challenge facing the Government of President Arce is to reactivate the productive apparatus to meet the social demands of the Bolivian people.

“To salute the social organizations of the country for supporting this process of change, the government, the Legislative Assembly. Social organizations are the strength of this country”, he ratified.

Huarachi urged Bolivians not to allow those who harmed the country to return again and ratified his commitment to continue working for the benefit of the country to reactivate productive activities.

“I ask the people not to allow the return again of those who have done much damage to the country and have stolen their money, this country belongs to the Bolivians of the countryside and the city and we must defend it with our lives, it cannot happen again,” recommended the leader of the Central Obrera Boliviana.

Translation by Internationalist 360°