Ecuador: Silencing the People

Are the voices of everyday Ecuadorians being heard? Local journalists weigh in on the persecution, censorship and sabotage on their profession by the powers that be.

Police oust supporters of Ecuadorian presidential candidate, Andrés Arauz, from a public square.

“Mass fraud is being prepared for election day.”

Leading candidate has issued a stark warning to the international community over a recent proposal by authorities, who want all electoral observers to present a negative PCR test to attend the Feb 7 election. Since the start of the pandemic, Ecuador has only done 789,122 PCR tests. For election day, 640,000 tests would have to be done within a few days. Arauz added that such a requirement is not considered in any international guideline to hold safe elections.

Andrés Arauz also condemned the use of censorship against his party after the CNE declared that all advertisements bearing the image of Rafael Correa must be removed and suspended.