A Ghost Haunts Colombia: The Specter of the FARC-EP Segunda Marquetalia

https://argentina.indymedia.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Farc-ep.jpgParaphrasing the well-known statement with which Marx and Engels opened the historic Communist Manifesto of 1848, which is very relevant and vital, we begin this New Year’s greeting, expressing to each of our compatriots our fervent desire that we receive 2021 with the determination to struggle, with much optimism, with wings open to the wind of our dreams of a New Colombia, in peace, with social justice and with the breath of the FARC-EP (Second Marquetalia) expanding more and more on the national political scene.

This government of the Ñeñe Duque, Uribista puppet who has had the “luck” that the pandemic of the COVID 19 was added to the misfortunes of the Colombians, will not have such an excuse to cover up the resounding failure of his presidential administration, which definitely aggravated inequality and misery that like a pressure stove is cooking with the heat of the indignation of the dispossessed and offended with so much farce and inconsideration.

Without a doubt, apart from the endemic social ills that Colombians suffer and whose possible beginnings of solution were frustrated by the regime with the destruction of the Havana Peace Agreement, the most shocking thing about this year that is ending is that the neo-liberal pandemic has been joined by that of the coronavirus, without there still being clarity about the already nefarious and even unpredictable effects that it will have, with respect to the economic and social conditions of our disastrous country. What is evident is the deepening of the inequitable conditions of production and a greater precarization of the already battered life situation of the majority, generating a situation of acute citizen discontent that has its roots deep in the history of injustices and victims left by capital, and that in some way is bearing fruit in protests and anti-systemic actions that from one moment to the next can explode again.

The central demands of the social movement should be raised more vigorously in the matter of unsatisfied basic needs, above all in the fields of health and education, or in what concerns the improvement of working conditions and wages, or in aspects that have never shown their relevance, as is the case with the recognition of care work; of the universal basic wage or basic income, demanding at all costs that the losses caused by the pandemic, and the costs of its economic recovery, do not fall on the shoulders of the salaried and informal workers of the population, who are the ones who suffer the greatest blows of the crisis.

One of the proposals that the popular movement should continue to handle in the short term is the struggle for the basic income of citizenship, universal, individual and unconditional, that guarantees the right to existence, at the same time that resistance against the authoritarianism of the regime is increased, and the control and management of the common goods is assumed, for which it will be necessary to put an end to the prohibition of public space accentuated with the excuse of the coronavirus; to break the unnecessary distances, to multiply in audacity, to converge in the fundamentals and to retake the streets and roads with greater power and decision, with what we have at hand, in a state of permanent insubordination against the status quo, in post of a government alternative for peace.

Fortunately, the common people have known how to respond and have not let themselves be stifled, which augurs for early days of an explosion of struggle on the horizon. For that reason our greetings and our joy in being able to tell you that, from that same whirlwind of perfidy that swallowed the close possibility of caressing peace, the FARC-EP (Segunda Marquetalia) has emerged, with its spectrum walking the stages of national political life, to also raise awareness of the legitimate right that all peoples have to armed rebellion against tyrannies. So no one should be confused: we are returning to the guerrilla path not for pleasure, but for decorum and duty. Together with those who have been deluded into peace, we are the ones who have been betrayed, but we keep in our hearts the conviction that the destiny of Colombia cannot be that of war and consequently we act, trying to open the scenarios that at some point will allow us to retake the dialogued solution to the conflict.

Although for the moment there are no conditions, and because the only struggle that is lost is the one that is abandoned, our duty is to make this possible. Therefore, the common task is to build those conditions and the first steps must lead to removing the obstacles that prevent it, by bringing down the State paramilitarism, the dirty war, the corruption and the impunity of the Memo-mafias and the Ñeñe mafias, among others, that took over the Casa de Nariño. Only in this way can we forge a new scenario that allows us to reattempt the path of dialogue for complete peace, so that we can prepare elements for that potential dialogue that should take place with an alternative government truly committed to peace and social justice, taking into account that the old Accord, for all the variations and distortions it suffered, became a useless instrument or at least insufficient to resolve the root causes, old and new, that generated and maintain confrontation. A peace pact requires new consensus with greater depth in the matter of transformations, which must touch upon the neoliberal economic order and within it the postponed matter of the redistribution and use of the land, within a perspective that implies a redesign of the territory. On the same level of importance or more, issues such as political reform and national sovereignty injured by U.S. interventionism with the presence of military bases and an embassy should be discussed which, with the acquiescence of the stateless oligarchy, traces and imposes the political course of Colombia.

For a 2021 that opens paths to peace, greetings.


FARC-EP Segunda Marquetalia

December 22nd, 2020