“Dialogue of Civilizations”: Evo Morales at Venezuela’s Samuel Robinson Institute

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Social movement leader Evo Morales speaks at the Samuel Robinson Institute’s conference, “Dialogue of Civilizations” in Caracas, Venezuela on December 7, 2020. Former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa, former President of Paraguay Fernando Lugo and Foreign Minister of Venezuela and Chair of the conference, Jorge Arreaza, also shared discourses.

Evo, Correa and Lugo were among five former Presidents who participated as international electoral observers in Venezuela’s December 6th National Assembly election.

The ex-presidents that we observe, today, the Venezuelan electoral process, are the same ones that two years ago proposed that any solution must be peaceful and not with invasion, that it must be democratic and not by confrontation, and that it must be among Venezuelans and not with interference.

Chavez and Fidel were leading the libertarian forces of America.
In Chavez’s time, @LulaOficial
In this way, Kirchner and Fidel face the FTAA and other US impositions. Let us not lose hope of returning to those times of integration and liberation of the peoples.

In the talk: “Dialogue between civilizations” we presented our thesis of two civilizations: One, of the peoples that defend the UN, their sovereignty and their identity, and the other that is of the empire, where consumerism, individualism and coups d’état are in force.

Our responsibility, as peoples, is to unite to confront the policies of plunder and to combat racism, discrimination and inequality. The best way to do this is by forming a Plurinational America.