Colombia: Fensuagro Denounces the Serious Human Rights Violation Against its Organization Via Campesina Communiqué

The National Federation of Agricultural Unions – FENSUAGRO denounces before the national and international community the serious human rights situation against our organization.


  • On November 3, 2020, Elsa Nury Martínez Silva, leader and current president of FENSUAGRO, received a pamphlet from the Aguilas Negras – Bloque Capital through WhatsApp.
  • The pamphlet, dated October 15, is titled “Death Threat” and threatens as military objectives several recognized leaders of the political and social movement, among them our comrade Nury Martínez.
  • Inside the pamphlet, death threats are also made to the relatives of the people mentioned there, and to persuade them to leave the territory before the threat is carried out.
  • These facts are added to other human rights violations against our organization, among them threats against our grassroots organizations and affiliates, harassment, forced disappearances, displacements and murders, which between the signing of the peace agreement in 2016 and March 2020 38 members and leaders of FENSUAGRO were murdered and in 2020 in the department of Cauca alone there were 5 murders of our federation, demonstrating that FENSUAGRO has no guarantees, no right to organize or to remain in our territories.

We reject:

From FENSUAGRO we reject all these acts, which threaten the life and integrity of the peasants and the entire popular movement, and which add to the serious violations of human rights in the country.

We stand in solidarity with our colleague Elsa Nury Martínez and her family because of these threats made against them and we hold the Colombian state responsible for any action that affects the integrity of this family and our affiliates.

We demand:

The national government, headed by President Iván Duque Márquez, to guarantee the right to life, and to remain in the territory, and to take legal action to determine those directly responsible for these events, and to take all necessary measures to protect Elsa Nury Martínez and her family. As well as to carry out the pertinent actions that will lead to the halting of all these serious crimes.

We request:

To the political, social and popular organizations to remain alert to the human rights situation in the country and to carry out the denouncements and actions that seek to stop these serious crimes.

To the international community to accompany, follow up and monitor the serious human rights situation against our organization and the different social and political organizations in the country that today suffer from indiscriminate violence by the paramilitary forces in the country.


Real World Radio

Translation by Internationalist 360°