Bolivia: Right Wing Protests Against MAS Victory Begin

The Bolivian right is dissatisfied today with the resounding victory of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) in the recent general elections, by exceeding the votes necessary to prevail in the first round.

In several cities of the country, the opponents of MAS demonstrated against the result by burning tires, throwing firecrackers and lighting bonfires, in an attempt to ignore the results validated by the official vote count of the Supreme Electoral Court(TSE).

The final official result will be announced today by the TSE, but it is only a mandatory legal procedure, and according to preliminary data, the presidential candidate for MAS, Luis Arce, exceeds 54 percent of the valid votes, while the candidate of the Citizen Community alliance, Carlos Mesa, his closest rival, has only 29.35 percentage points.

Also, according to partial scrutiny, the MAS would have a majority in both houses of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (parliament).

The cities of Santa Cruz, Oruro, Cochabamba and Sucre are the scene of opposition rallies that have been gathering in the vicinity of the TSE headquarters that are under strict surveillance by the forces of order.

The protesters demand an audit to ensure that the results are not the product of fraud. However, the figures are overwhelming, as shown by all the press, without distinction, while the vote count was public and the different groups of observers agreed to point out the transparency and tranquility of the elections.

Experts explain that under these conditions it is almost impossible to carry out fraud, hence the call to respect the results of the elections.

Likewise, the opposition candidates accepted their defeat on Sunday and wished a good management to the next government led by Luis Arce and David Choquehuanca, as president and vice president, respectively.


Prensa Latina