The Truth about Venezuela!

Adán Chávez Frías


The reality of what is happening in Venezuela is making its way more and more into the opinion and consciousness of the Peoples of the world, who are redoubling their solidarity with the Homeland of Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez; while the infamy and lies spread by the big corporations of disinformation, instruments of the imperial plan aimed at trying to overthrow the Bolivarian Government led by comrade President Nicolas Maduro, continue to be unveiled.

We have continued to see this in recent weeks, in which, as part of our responsibilities at the “Dario Vivas” Campaign Command, we have had the opportunity to discuss these issues with a large number of individuals and representatives of political, social, and workers’ organizations of the planet.

The fact is that even sectors opposed to the Bolivarian Revolution reject the infamies against the Venezuelan Head of State and other high authorities of the country that are poured out in the media, in their eagerness to question the institutionality of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and to undermine the morale of those who militate and/or sympathize with the project of broad transformations initiated by Commander Hugo Chávez in 1999.


In a hypocritical, biased and self-serving manner, this media addresses the current national situation: the difficulties our People are facing in terms of fuel supply, the limitations of the Venezuelan State in the purchase of food and medicines, and some failures that could occur in the provision of certain public services; not to mention that all these affectations are related to the criminal economic, financial and commercial blockade that has been intensified by the supreme government of the United States in times of pandemic.

Nothing is said about the fact that the failure in the supply of gasoline that occurred in recent weeks could have been remedied with our company CITGO, now in the hands of a criminal gang that has organized, following the plan designed in Washington, what comrade President Nicolas Maduro has denounced as “the largest plundering operation ever committed in recent history against any nation in the world”.

Neither do the stateless people who rub their hands over the pain of the Venezuelan people say anything about the plundering, at an international level, of the resources and other assets of our main national company: Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), among which are several refineries; the total amount of these assets is over 40 billion dollars, which is a hard blow to the country’s finances.

All this as part, we must continue denouncing it, of an operation planned by US imperialism to affect the daily life of Venezuelan men and women, in their eagerness to impose a fictitious government and undermine Bolivarian Democracy; a pretension that will continue to clash head on with the iron will of our People to defend their sovereignty and independence; to continue being loyal to the legacy of the historic leader of the Bolivarian Revolution.


They could not and will not. We, daughters and sons of the Homeland of the Liberating Father Simon Bolivar and Commander Hugo Chavez, are determined to be free and independent, and there will be no force on the planet capable of making the sacred soil of Venezuela a neo-colony of any empire.

The enemies of the Homeland know that their days are numbered, that time is running out, that in a few weeks the country will have a new National Assembly; that is why the fascist ultra-right, with the support of some governments fully submissive to the designs of their master of the north, are propagating the thesis of the postponement of the parliamentary elections of December 6.

The only purpose behind such an irresponsible and interfering request as this one is to try to prolong the farce of the fictitious government; even when its promoters know perfectly well that this task violates the provisions of the Bolivarian Constitution, approved by the immense majority of the Venezuelan people during the constituent process developed during the first year of our project of national liberation.

So, on January 5, 2021, when our constitutional text orders the beginning of the parliamentary period, Venezuelan women and men will be facing a new political reality, which will undoubtedly be diverse, plural and democratic; and which will be characterized by the rescue of the National Assembly in accordance with the interests of our People, thus inaugurating a new stage in the life of the country, marked by the defeat of the fascist ultra-right and, as has been happening up to now, by the full disposition of the Bolivarian Government led by comrade President Nicolás Maduro and, in general, of the patriotic forces, to peaceful coexistence and the promotion of dialogue and understanding among the various sectors of the Nation.

On December 6, the Venezuelan people will condemn the surrender of the anti-patriotic forces and the pillage that they have slavishly promoted in the interests of U.S. imperialism.

That day, we, the People of Venezuela, with Bolivar and Chávez at the head, will win, in defense of national dignity.

Translation by Internationalist 360°