Mexico: The Supporters of Impunity

Miguel Angel Ferrer opposition to the López Obrador government is present and expressed on several fronts. The first and most conspicuous and noisy is, obviously, the media. Another is represented by the governors, legislators and mayors of the old regime. Another, of course, is that of the discredited political parties of the right: PRI, PAN, PRD and MC (Movimiento Ciudadano). And in that list of opponents linked to the right, the most conservative members of the Judiciary are not to be missed.

And it is in the courts that a unique battle is now taking place. On the one hand, a group of judges, magistrates and ministers who are opposed to bringing to trial the former presidents of the neo-liberal period; and, against these, the many millions of citizens who are demanding these trials.

But in any case and whatever happens, the political and ethical winner of that contest will be López Obrador. And, consequently, the defeated will be those judges, magistrates and ministers who have already gained a public reputation as abusive, corrupt and venal.

While López Obrador heads the popular demands for justice, the Judicial Power fights for the maintenance of impunity. And what is said for the case of the former neo-liberal presidents can be affirmed for the matter of the possible liberation of Rosario Robles, who has taken who knows where the 5,000 million pesos that she subtracted from the public coffers.

What is special about this, then, is that while judges, magistrates and ministers see their reputation for corruption, abuse and venality grow, on the opposite side López Obrador sees his levels of acceptance, approval and popular support increase enormously.

This obvious result of the confrontation does not mean, of course, that López Obrador’s position has unanimous support. A part of society, perhaps a third, is on the side of corruption and impunity.

They are the former beneficiaries of privatization policies. And also those nostalgic for pripanism. And they are, equally, those intoxicated by media campaigns that claim that two years ago Mexico was like Switzerland and now it is like Venezuela.

It should not be forgotten that in the July 2018 elections, in which López Obrador won the Presidency with more than 30 million votes, the PAN obtained nine million and the PRI obtained seven million. In other words, the right wing has political and electoral strength. A force that has always expressed itself, as it does now, in favor of the worst and most immoral causes.