Libya: Calls for Mass Demonstrations to Terminate All Political Bodies, Hold Immediate Elections

Activists from different regions of Libya called for Saturday protest marches to demand dropping all political bodies in Libya, the central governor of Libya, and all directors appointed through quotas.

The activities gave the regions of Tripoli, Benghazi and Sabha the freedom to choose the method of assembly, provided that it be at the same time as the demonstrations in Tripoli, in order to send a message that all Libyan regions are united to save Libya, improve the livelihood of the Libyan people, and eliminate the living differences between citizens and the main class for allocating funds and benefits for themselves unjustly.

Those calling for the demonstrations also demanded to “hand over the country’s authority to the Supreme Judicial Council, which must approve the draft constitution and immediately go to parliamentary and presidential elections … and to open files of corruption in the judiciary … and to initiate investigations into all corruption and waste of public money crimes and to investigate all officials and leaders who used their influence corruptly after 2011, causing the impoverishment of the Libyan people.”