LPNM Statement on the Youth Movement in Tripoli

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Concerning the Youth Movement in the Capital, Tripoli.

The city of Tripoli is witnessing these days a popular youth movement to denounce the poor living conditions the citizen suffers from power cuts, lack of liquidity, spread of disease, crime and mercenaries in the streets of the capital, foreign interference in Libyan affairs, and the robbery and looting that the government of reconciliation and its militias pursue of the people’s resources, until they have led the country to what it suffers today from neglect and the almost complete lack of services.

The Libyan People’s National Movement is following this peaceful popular movement within the framework of its national orientation to stand with the will of the people and support their demands, it declares its full support for the movement and affirms the following:

1. This youth movement is a popular movement, in which the demonstrators express their dissatisfaction with the living conditions they are suffering due to the irresponsible policies pursued by the reconciliation government towards the people and the homeland, and their just demands of all Libyans are to have basic services and live in freedom and dignity away from foreign interference, and an end to militia control.

2. The movement calls on the leaders of the movement to be fully aware of the attempts of the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood to circumvent and ride over popular demands, and use it to polish its own image, and assert its control over the state again.

3. The movement warns the reconciliation government and its militias against use force against the will of the people, and calls on the international community to play its role in protecting unarmed civilians from the militia’s killing machine.

4. The movement is surprised by the Al-Wefaq government’s explanation of the fierce confrontation by its militia against the demonstrators that they do not have permission to demonstrate !! So who grants permission? Is it the militias that dominate the joints of the state? Or from the mercenaries who roam the streets of the capital with their heavy and medium weapons? Or from Turkey and Qatar, or the UN mission, who dominate the internal and external decisions of the reconciliation government?

5. The movement denounces the miserable promises made by the reconciliation government seeking to end the movement, as it promised to distribute the electricity loads fairly !! As if darkness has become a reality that obliges us to coexist with it, not to find effective solutions to end it ! The movement is surprised by this government’s marginalization of the south, which suffers all these crises and doubly for a decade without any sense of its responsibility for this failure.

6. The movement calls upon the youth of all Libyan regions and cities to play their national role and go out to the squares to join the capital’s youth and support them in the fairness of their demands.

Freedom for the homeland … and sovereignty for the people

Mr. Nasser Saeed
Official Spokesman for the Libyan People’s National Movement