The Supreme Council for Libyan Tribes and Cities Supports the Declaration of a Ceasefire in Libya

Hissat Younes

The Supreme Council of Libyan Tribes and Cities announced its support for the cessation of fire and bloodshed, and discussed a mechanism for resuming oil production in a manner that takes into account the follow-up of oil revenues and is available (transparency, fair distribution) and their lack of access to “terrorist militias.”

In a statement issued by the Council, the Council also affirmed its support for any initiative to resolve the Libyan crisis in a manner that guarantees the cessation of foreign interference in the Libyan affairs, the restructuring of the Presidency Council of a president and two deputies, and the formation of a government of national competencies, and the Council’s rejection of what was proposed regarding the establishment of a demilitarized zone imposed from the outside that diminishes Libyan sovereignty .

The Council also affirmed that the Libyan-Libyan solution is based on the convictions of Libyans to build their state and with steps to build confidence by releasing detainees and prisoners, dismantling the militias and starting a dialogue process, in which all parties participate without exclusion or marginalization.

In conclusion, the Supreme Council for Libyan Tribes and Cities stressed its previous decisions with its frank and firm support for the Libyan Arab Armed Forces to extend their control over the country and protect the capabilities of the Libyan people, and that it is a red line that cannot be negotiated or compromised.