The Messenger of Hatred, Bernard-Henry Lévy, Rushes to Support the Belarusian Opposition. Brief History of “B-52’s” Previous Exploits.

Marinella Correggia Bernard-Henri Levy met with former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in Vilnius.

He undoubtedly deserves an international award as “best messenger of hatred” and if there was a court for those who fomented destructive wars, he should be among the first to be subjected to it. Bernard-Henry Lévy, who everyone insists on calling a “French philosopher” (the adjective is in fact true), has offered his support to the most harmful causes: violent Islamist groups capable of slaughtering entire countries, NATO-petromonarchist wars of aggression, right-wing battalions, violent “color” revolutions.

A warmongering exhibitionist without hesitation, a vate of death (other people’s). Let us therefore refer to this parapolitic, instead of BHL (the acronym by which it is known), B-52. It is at the same time the name of the US bomber, sadly famous since Vietnam (and our man loves fighter bombers), and of a cocktail (our man is very worldly). “Where this architect of ‘color revolutions’ arrives, blood will flow.” This article denounces the French politician’s latest military campaign: the one in support of the opposition in Belarus, engaged in an attempt at Maidan (Ukraine).

Tell me who’s behind you and I’ll tell you who you are. It is the same B-52 who reveals with a tweet the affectionate meeting, “in Vilnius, with Svetlana Tikhanovskaia, hegeria of the Belarusian revolution and face of the opposition to the tyrant Lukashenko”. Yes: the “Belarusian revolution” whose intentions were declared by the spokeswoman: “We want to freeze the Belarusian economy with strikes. The more the population sees its standard of living deteriorating, the sooner we can take power.”

But let’s view, in chronological order, which revolutionary wars have been supported in recent decades by B-52 with his seasoned dandy low-cut shirt.

B-52’s support for NATO’s bombing of Serbia in 1999 earned him a small accident almost twenty years later. In 2017, B-52 is in Belgrade for a documentary festival. The members of the League of Young Communists of Yugoslavia took advantage of the festival to hit him with a small cream cake and take the stage with an eloquent sign: “Bernard Lévy supports the imperialist assassins“.

In 2003 (BushBlair’s war on Iraq), B-52 went out on a limb, depending on the audience in front of him (as the book Le nouveau B.A.BA du BHL will reveal), as he found the operation “quite right from the moral point of view“. When he spoke in the United States he said: “Now that the intervention is there, the work has to be finished”.

The annihilation of Libya in 2011 was a major success for B-52, with the victory of NATO and its Islamist land infantrymen in Libya. When the “revolution” erupted, he ran to meet the “rebels” and when he returned home, thanks to his proximity to President Nicolas Sarkozy, he convinced him to launch the bombs, in the name of the “responsibility to protect”. Then the other countries follow, Libya suffers seven months of bombing, Gaddafi was murdered, terrorists and weapons spread to infect sub-Saharan Africa, after deporting or killing the inhabitants of the Libyan city of Tawergha (black-skinned, descendants of the slave trade). In 2012 B-52 writes and directs a self-celebratory documentary about the Libyan story, Le serment de Tobruk, where he stages himself as the main character and in a kind of monologue recounts his decisive role in getting Gaddafi out of the way. Naturally, the instigator, B-52, is silent in the face of the debacle that that war has produced in Libya and Africa. Indeed, in 2017, without fear of contradicting himself (no one points it out to him anyway), the forgetful man from Paris said: “To claim that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam is the worst mistake we can make”.

The man himself, with his actions, aids those very terrorists; Islamic sedents. And in fact…

B-52’s commitment to a direct Western intervention in Syria has been relentless. In 2012, when the Libyan mission ended, he dedicated himself to supporting the “rebels” – certainly not only Syrians. Again in 2018 he lamented the “sad balance sheet of a seven-year non-intervention” and tried to argue that the non-intervention alongside the “rebels” in Syria resulted in the monsters, Isis, al Qaeda and all the others. Someone tell him that it happened in the same way in Libya, where the West and petromonarchs intervened.

In 2012, he was most insistent that the Hollande government should intervene directly, sending weapons to the insurgents was not enough. Here in Italian is his entire plan, presented by the Corriere della sera. B-52 went to the U.S. to seek support and met the other warmonger friend of the Syrian armed groups, John McCain. In this interview, B-52 explained very clearly: “I would like the whole international community to take up its responsibilities, as in Libya, the responsibility to protect. And if they don’t, yes, we should give more weapons to the rebels. After all, it doesn’t take much, one can act even without the vote of the Security Council, Sarkozy had said so at the time of Libya (but then there was support because of the) lack of Russian Chinese veto. In short, B-52 explains what to do: “Forge an alliance with the Arab League and the Turks. The plans of attack are in place. It doesn’t take much to put the finishing touches to the Damascus regime. The only thing missing is the pilot in the plane. And although the planes may be Turkish, the pilot must be French.” He couldn’t pull it off. In July 2020, B-52 landed with a private jet in Misrata (his friends’ stronghold in 2011), but he was insulted by pro-Turkish supporters of the Tripoli government. Insulted not because of the 2011 war, but because he is Jewish. Such an injustice, for one who has helped the Islamists so much.

In 2014 B-52 rushed to Ukraine to support the coup d’état (a mixture of neo-Nazi components and aspirations to enter the supposed European land of plenty) which was followed by the devastating war in the Donbass, the region that together with Lugansk and the Crimea no longer wanted to be part of the Ukrainian state. Over the years, B-52 has devoted himself to both institutional meetings and embedded expeditions, following the Ukrainian army… where he unwittingly reveals one of the war crimes of his favourites. Indeed, he said he travels with the soldiers along the front line (Donbass) in a fake ambulance passed off as real, armoured… forbidden by international law. Like the wars of aggression, after all, which the court of Nuremberg defined, in vain, as the “supreme international crime”.

But could our B-52 ignore Venezuela? No. So, in 2017, during the guarimbas, our instigator of coups and fake revolutions began shouting: one cannot remain silent in the face of a “long coup”… that would be the one perpetrated by President-elect Maduro. Therefore, the French parapolitician said that “tough economic and financial sanctions would be needed against Caracas and opposition members still free should be welcomed in Paris, Madrid and Washington” and demanded, again in the name of the responsibility to protect, a firm condemnation by the UN Security Council.

Belarus, in fact, was something he missed.