Libyan People’s National Movement on Statements Made by Libyan Political Parties

The Libyan National People’s Movement followed with interest the statements issued by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Presidential Council related to the ceasefire, and the movement renewed its firm position on the need to reach a peaceful national solution to the crisis mainly resulting from foreign interference, and the control of armed militias and terrorist organizations that imposed their hegemony on institutions of the state, causing a catastrophic collapse of the standard of living of Libyans, and the spread of crime, chaos, and the systematic plunder of state resources.

Out of concern for stances taken by the parties to the conflict, ensuring that the repercussions on the scene guarantee the interests of the people, their safety and territorial integrity, and the independence of their political decisions, and an affirmation of Libyan sovereignty over all of Libyan territory, we confirm the following:

1. The movement welcomes the statements issued by both sides regarding the call for a ceasefire and the discussion of the mechanism for resuming oil production in a manner that takes into account the follow-up of oil revenues (transparency, fair distribution) and the blocking of access to terrorists that use them to finance their operations or pay mercenaries’ fees, and to direct it instead to reconstruction, local development, citizens’ pensions and services.

2. The movement renews its support for the Egyptian initiative to solve the Libyan crisis, which includes expelling mercenaries, stopping the Turkish intervention in Libyan affairs, disbanding militias and disarming them, while welcoming the proposal that Sirte be the seat of a single government in which all sovereign institutions are united.

3. We reject the idea of ​​establishing a demilitarized zone because there is no need for it in light of the full implementation of the initiative, the establishment of a national government, the existence of a unified and independent institution for the army, security forces, and police, the end of the existence of militias, and the complete exit of mercenaries and foreign presence in Libyan lands and waters, and these solutions pave the way. We reject divisions that open the way for foreign military interventions under the pretext of support, monitoring and peacekeeping.

4. We affirm that the role of the National Oil Corporation is limited to the production and sale of oil and gas only, and that it is not involved in political disputes, and that the proposal to assume tasks outside the scope of its functions and competencies organized by the legislation in force will transform it into a state within a state that will negatively affect the performance of the executive authority in the future.

5. The movement reiterates its assertion that the solution lies in building a new Libya through parallel steps to build confidence, release detainees and prisoners, dismantle militias, and begin a process of Libyan national political dialogue, in which all parties participate without exclusion or marginalization, in which the Libyan political and social parties are defined. The academic and military representatives have been elected directly through the electoral districts, away from the proposals of regional quotas and the prevalence of militias, which led to the failure of all attempts at a solution over the past nine years.

6. The movement affirms the importance of facilitating and supporting the task of the armed forces in maintaining security on all Libyan soil and disarming the militias, while stressing the need for international guarantees to implement what the Libyans have reached from the African Union, the United Nations and other international organizations, and in this context we call for a guarantor role for the Republic Arab Egypt because of its regional and international weight and internal confidence through its communication with all Libyan parties without special ambitions.

Freedom for the country and sovereignty for the people

Nasser Saeed, official spokesman
In the name of the Libyan National People’s Movement