Statement of the Libyan People’s National Movement on the Current Situation

Statement of the Libyan People’s National Movement

The Libyan National People’s Movement and the masses of the Libyan people followed the speech of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, during this day, 20.06.2020, in Sidi Barani, at a time when direct and foreign military intervention in Libya is intensifying, exporting tens of thousands of terrorists openly and in front of the world to turn it into a base For international terrorism, criminal militias with the cover, support, and finance of countries that demonstrate their hostility to the Libyan people and their greed for their wealth, and the movement highly appreciates what was stated by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, which emphasized the fixed positions of the Arab Republic of Egypt and its leadership towards Arab national security, rejecting foreign military intervention and threats to Arab countries,

The Libyan People’s National Movement, which includes national leaders, politicians, tribal elders, intellectuals and academics, from all parts of Libya, renews its confidence in the national positions of the Egyptian leadership towards Arab issues, stressing its determination to move forward in its unlimited support for the Libyan Arab armed forces as the only tool able to restore security and stability to our country, protect it from external aggression and ensure its unity,  independence, and the continuation of its struggle against Erdogan’s expansionist ambitions and colonial dreams to restore the control of the High Gate over the Arab world from the Libyan gate, and we are hand in hand with the armed forces in their efforts to rid Libya of the power and brutality of criminal militias and terrorist and mercenary organizations.

The movement has always been alert to the Turkish adoption and support of terrorist organizations, under the cloak of religion, with the aim of seizing Libyan wealth through mercenaries to impose the hegemony of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization on the joints of power in the country, threatening the security and stability of Arab countries, especially Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and the African neighbouring countries, and destabilizing security and stability in the Mediterranean basin.

The Libyan People’s National Movement appreciates and realizes the great meanings included in the speech of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt today, in which he declared that he assumed historical responsibility towards his Libyan brothers and his support for their legitimate resistance to the Turkish invasion and his willingness to protect national and regional security.

In this regard, the movement affirms that Egypt and Libya are one people, their history is one and their destiny is one, and they are linked by historical and social ties that cannot be separated, just as Egypt has always been and will remain a haven for the oppressed, and a supporter of the oppressed and those who struggle for freedom and independence, and we recall the great role of the Egyptian people in supporting the Libyan jihad against the Italian fascists, and we will not forget the role of the great Mujahid “Abd al-Rahman Azzam” in the Libyan jihad, as we refer to the support of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Libya during the Al-Fateh Revolution of September 1969, as it contributed to building administrative, political, security and military institutions, and contributed to the spread of education in Libya at all levels, Egyptian experts and Egyptian companies have contributed to launching real development.

The Libyan People’s National Movement, with its fixed national positions, adopted since its establishment, is honoured to join all Libyan national political forces in requesting direct Egyptian support to eliminate chaos and the terrorist militias are infiltrated, and to assist the Libyan people in rebuilding state institutions.

Glory and eternity to the righteous martyrs

Freedom for the nation and sovereignty of the people

Executive Committee
The Libyan People’s National Movement
Benghazi 20/26/20