May 1, 2020 Internationalist: Interview of Radio Contramesa (Spain) with Venezuelan Fuerza Uno
Message from Fuerza Uno (One Force)

Today, when the world is convulsed by this deadly virus that exposes and highlights the most fascist face of savage capitalism, the superior phase of neoliberalism, it is necessary for the youth, the workers, the cultural youth, the scientific youth, the athletes, the militants, all of our youth in Europe, to unite in a single struggle. These are difficult times, therefore, to unite and be a single fist that brings down the mask of imperialism and its lackeys is indispensable at this time.

That is why it is important that the voice of the youth never falls, never gives in and always be revolutionary, aware so that it is not dragged into the abyss of ignorance that the right wing stands for. That is why the role played by the youth in Europe in these times is historical and emulates the heroism of the ancestral struggles for a world of justice and peace.

“To be young and not to be revolutionary is even a biological contradiction” Salvador Allende. The martyred president.

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May 1, 2020 Internationalist – Interview by Radio Contramesa (Spain) with Venezuelan music group Fuerza Uno

La Contramesa Questions :

1-) Why this union between urban music and the Bolivarian project?
2-) How has the Bolivarian project affected the lives of Venezuelans? What have been for you the greatest achievements of the revolution led by H. Chávez for the working classes of Venezuela?
3-) On the economic blockade of Venezuela. The financial assets, the “freezing” of PDVSA’s funds in the U.S. and Europe, the sanctions of the U.S. administration? how do they affect the daily life of Venezuela?
4-) What does Guaidó mean for Venezuela, and for the working class in particular? Does it follow (or have) the popular support it claims?
5-) How does the Coronavirus crisis affect Venezuelan society and its economy?
6-) How do you qualify the action of the government in the face of this crisis?

Fuerza Uno- “Sacrifice”

With the voice of Alba Granada North Africa in the chorus.
A collaboration between FuerzaUno and Alba Granada

And if I have to leave my family
And if I have to sacrifice myself night and day…
And if I have to consume myself completely in order to surrender to my homeland…

I – I will say yes, a thousand times yes, because of my commitment to my country, the harvest of the land, as my grandfather used to say, to bring the corn to the table.

II – and in these times so crucial to continue to ensure that the turpiales sing, that the noise of metals does not fall, the war for the oil of capital.

III- this is a message for societies that forget about human beings for digital products, forget about hugging their loved ones who are put aside for virtual mobile phones.

IV- This song is a tribute to the hospital, military and police personnel who defend us from deadly viruses.

V- There are those who have had to fight since childhood, I think about all this and I feel a certain nostalgia, but the struggle is not in vain comrade, let’s keep on fighting, victory is won.

VI- Fuerza Uno is part of the process and I confess that we are much more than that, we are the great weight that counterbalances the major media that are corrupting us.

VII- We are a great people, a united people, a courageous people that will never be defeated, we are like the Florentine Indian who wins the battle against the murderous enemy.

Chorus 2

VIII- we greet the peoples in combat, those who are not afraid, those who do not fall, we greet the Chilean brothers in the front line, defying the scoundrel.

IX- Those who carry the cross to the Bolivian lands trying to erase the culture of the Aymara, comrade, religious manipulation, but Tupac Katari will light the fuse.

X- Palestine my dear Palestine receiving the Israeli Zionist bombs, Palestine my precious Palestine you will defeat the demons who want to see you disappear.