New Order, or Euphemism to Deceive the People

Fernando Buen Abad uprising, the work of prominent Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, is a powerful universal symbol of class struggle.

Transforming the world is a slogan of the people. Semantic hegemony over the idea of the “new order” is in dispute (renewed). It is not the first time that an international “crisis” has produced the desire to sweep the garbage, generated by oppression, under the carpet of the “new”; as if it were a spell to move, without solution to continuity, from an economic-political-social stage to “another” identical, but not remembered. However, life does not behave like this. A character in a TV series said: “the past never stays where you leave it”.

For example, the old reformist manias, stubborn and irritating, try to anaesthetize us with an invocation “reloaded” towards a “new order”; an old rickety trick that will only have hired or unsuspecting followers.

If the powers that be speak of another “new order”, they must be given a minimum and maximum agenda, with their feet firmly on the objective and subjective realities in force. Enough of ephemeral “good intentions”.

The only new thing is Socialism, the community organized by itself to establish, as its supreme social interest, the good life, buen vivir, inclusive and diverse, in egalitarian societies. The only new thing is the emancipation of the oppressed, assuming its role as a transformative leadership. There is nothing new in capitalism, a repetitive incubator of disorder and anarchy.

With the economic model that has 1% of the population as the owners of 99% of the world’s wealth, what is “new” is the creation of a rigorous system of equitable distribution, a new distribution: to each according to his needs, to each according to his abilities. The new would demands a model of social justice capable of preventing the accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few, and this implies natural, communicational, artistic, scientific and ethical wealth. The new option would be to defeat capital.

And so with education, health, science… It is not the pandemic that accelerates the “new order”, neither is it a liturgy.

To say “old” here does not imply a love of novelism. Nor is it an ambush to dismiss experience, much less history, which must always be critically analyzed. It implies emphasizing the weight of an injustice committed against humanity, within a specific time frame, which today only tends to worsen the damages against the planet and against the human species.

An economic and ideological model that only makes a few privileged people and some brainwashed subordinates happy, capitalism has aged and today is a macabre catalogue of immoralities and dangers from which it is urgent to emerge in consensus, with a plan to overcome; without masters, without bosses, without social classes, without humiliation or contempt; new, radically…from the roots.

To invoke a “new order”, just like that, with “good will”, besides being illusionary, is suspicious. A dialectical definition of the “new order” is necessary, based on a meticulous work on the very nuclei of the contradictions, which made capitalism possible.

The “new” is nested in the emancipatory struggles of the peoples, it is in each of the struggles that challenge their emancipation – in asymmetrical conditions – but which grow dynamically from within the very heart of the apparatus of domination.

In that field of struggle is the capital-labour debate, and from there it is necessary to understand how to ascend towards the “new”. The “new order”, which cannot be anything else but the definitive annihilation of exploitation, demands the vindication of labour as the supreme source of wealth, and the historical revaluation of the production of wealth, politicizing it even in the tasks of its democratic, just and unrestricted distribution.

This “new order” cannot be a ringing of bells to return us to the “good path” of meekness. No matter how succulent the tables served with more than the same nothingness. Let’s not play that game, by whatever name it may be. The world situation is undeniably difficult and there is no room for more messianic antics or illusionists.

We must discuss the “new order” in the key of a profound transformation of the world and with the most determined spirit to defeat the old manias of deception and all the loopholes manufactured by reformism. This includes the treacherous, the opportunistic, and people who are always trying to raise the flags of others. Nausea itself. We already heard the drivel in the slums of bourgeois conjurers like Mr. Kissinger.

It is useless to wait for a “new order” as if it would fall from the sky. And that does not imply despising the contributions born with the best objectives. The “order” that humanity demands will be imposed by the workers with the strength and time that they manage to win over concrete conditions, with their own agenda; without mirages or rhetoric specialized in idealizing solutions and fabricating magical spells. Transforming the world is a proletarian flag that synthesizes, in its semantic richness, the strength of organization and class consciousness. It is not a “good purpose” for decorating speeches or a ploy to anaesthetize the rage produced by slavery.

Transforming the world must be a humanist, thorough and inclusive programme, rooted in the convergence of science, ethics and morality of the struggle of peoples throughout history, or it will be nothing. We will not allow the same old architects of the worst planetary misfortunes to become champions of the “new” now, while they gain time to reorder the disaster they themselves have produced in order to make us pay, once again, for the destruction of the bourgeoisie. They can smell the boredom of the people and require time to reorganize themselves, whatever the cost.

They call their mirage “new order”. We have a crucial stage here for the Battle of Ideas, moving on to praxis.