Appeal: We the Peoples of the World

…to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small… – Preamble to the Charter of the United Nations

The Preamble of the Charter of United Nations is clear and forceful; it is the voice of the peoples who demand the Right to Peace.

In the face of the United States’ threat to unilaterally wage a supposed war on drugs, with false accusations about Venezuela, sending Navy ships and aircraft carriers and Air Force planes into the seas of the eastern Pacific and the Caribbean, threatening to invade that country directly or to “support” a bloody coup d’état that would happen under its direction, which will also lead to war against other countries such as Cuba and Nicaragua, affecting the entire region. We, the undersigned, have decided to support the just call by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, to put an end to all warlike actions in progress on the planet and to unite efforts for the establishment of peace and the defeat of Covid-19.

The high official warned that in the face of the humanitarian tragedy that is unfolding, “the most vulnerable – women and children, the disabled, the marginalized and the displaced – are paying the highest price. They are also those most at risk of suffering devastating losses from COVID-19. Let us not forget that in war-torn countries there has been a collapse of health systems.

Health professionals, already in short supply, have often been targeted. Refugees and other people displaced by violent conflict are doubly vulnerable. The aggressiveness of the virus illustrates the madness of war. That is why today we call for an immediate global ceasefire in all corners of the world.

We remind humanity as a whole that in 2003, under the false pretext that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that threatened the world, that country was invaded, leaving almost a million dead, violating international and human rights standards, destroying everything in its path, including areas that were the heritage of humanity and history, leaving behind scorched earth. These wars of occupation were repeated against other countries also based on spurious allegations, resulting in genocide throughout the twenty-first century.

We demand urgent action from all the governments of the world in the face of this threat to the survival of humanity, in order to stop any warlike conflict that would only aggravate the dramatic situation of health, poverty, inequality and injustice that has been revealed by this pandemic.

It is the duty of the countries that caused such unequal and cruel wars, and never took responsibility for them, to assume once and for all their responsibility towards the millions of displaced persons who fled the terror of bombing and destruction, forcing them to give up living in their territories and who now, as victims of those wars, wander the world without direction.

In the face of this pandemic of a virus like COVID-19, which has no borders, no ideological selection of nations or social classes and which has claimed and continues to claim as many lives as a war, deepening the economic crisis that was already punishing the world, we reject any action of violence and persecution by certain countries against others, preventing the possibility of getting out of this complex moment in the world in the best possible way. We therefore call for the immediate lifting of unilateral sanctions against Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Zimbabwe and others, so that, once the pandemic is over, we can meet in peace and rebuild together a new international order based on justice, dignity, international law and humanitarian values.

To protect humanity and all the peoples of the world, we accompany the historic call of United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, demanding that wars be stopped and that the United States listen to the voice of reason of the People of the World.

We ask the peoples of the world to add their voice to this call

Peace be upon us

April 2020


Translation by Internationalist 360º