Emergency Physician Reports on the COVID-19 Crisis from New York

If nothing changes, the whole system is going to collapse

A doctor in one of New York City’s hospitals shared his experience of battling the novel coronavirus on Sunday, saying that nursing homes have been sending a lot of patients even without COVID-19 symptoms to already overcrowded emergency rooms.

Calvin Sun, who works as a per-diem emergency physician, explained that care homes sent their residents with fever or blood pressure to emergency rooms where they are potentially at risk o being infected with the novel coronavirus.

“I have patients coming crying and screaming, that they don’t want to be sent to the emergency room from nursing homes because they had a fever. They scream because they don’t want a virus, ‘take me back, take me back’… they are just going to inhale the air in the emergency rooms where the patients are 99 per cent are testing positive for COVID-19,” said Sun.

The doctor went on to say that medical professionals are learning that coronavirus has other symptoms not necessary associated with respiratory diseases such as diarrhoea, abdominal pain.

Moreover, doctors “have no idea how COVID-19 kills people so quickly,” he added.

Sun explained that hospitals in New York, as well as state’s healthcare system, are overcrowded with coronavirus patients having no other option rather than waiting “for a long time just to get upstairs to a shared room.”

The hardest-hit in the US, New York state registered more than 122,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 4,159 deaths.