Ecuador’s Minister of Health Confirms More Than 1,500 Deaths in Guayaquil

Ecuador's Minister of Health Confirms More Than 1,500 Deaths in GuayaquilDuring an interview granted by the Ecuadorian health minister, Juan Carlos Zevallos, to CNN, he recognized that the figures of death from Covid-19 in Guayaquil is 1,500 people, numbers that contradict the data provided by the Ecuadorian authorities who affirm that the number of deceased is only 145 people.

In the extract from the interview that circulates through social networks, the minister points out that “the corpses and the dead people cannot be hidden. This is completely unworthy, this is a sample of non-transparency. There was an unprecedented increase in the number of deceased in the city (Guayaquil) that went from 700 to 1,500 dead in a very short period of time, it is something that became unmanageable.”

There are countless social organizations that register the complaints made by Ecuadorians, who document with images and videos that in Ecuador there are thousands of deceased who are in the middle of the streets.

Added to the lack of attention to the people by the Lenin Moreno government, there is a total collapse of public services and the health system.

In Ecuador, hospitals do not have the capacity to deal with the Covid -19 because they do not have the equipment or the necessary personnel, as the nurses and doctors themselves have reported.

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Translated by JRE/EF, Orinoco Tribune