CRBZ: Why is the U.S. Escalating Aggression Against Venezuela?

Venezuela faces an intensification of the escalation of aggression by the United States. In this new stage, the aim is to exploit the vulnerabilities to which we are exposed as a result of the pandemic. Trump and his allies consider that it is time for an offensive that will increase “the advances” of the now deployed strategy of suffocating our economy and our State.

The axes in this new offensive are focused on the oil blockade combined with the legal war and the ever-present threat of intervention. The latter is the reason for the alleged anti-narcotic operations with military deployment on the Caribbean coast, in addition to the movement of troops on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. These actions are accompanied by a far-reaching communicational war affecting the perceptions of millions of people.

These actions against our country were motivated by several factors. First is the American political crisis, marked by the erratic handling of the pandemic in the northern country. Hundreds of thousands of people have been infected, thousands have died. Added to this mismanagement is the impact of the pandemic on the economy, one of the pillars of support for Donald Trump’s administration. By intensifying the attacks against Venezuela, the US seeks to strengthen its cohesion within the core of American power, conceding to the most conservative sectors, while at the same time seeking to ingratiate itself with the mayamero (Venezuelans living in Miami) vote, with a view to the presidential elections in November of this year.

Secondly, the consequences of the pandemic in the world are generating a situation of great uncertainty and of a potential pronounced setback for U.S. imperialism, since it has not only shown its inability to manage the virus locally, but is also completely absent from any joint action taken by different countries to combat Covid-19. Its world leadership is being questioned by its lack of initiative and of solidarity with the international community, even to the extreme of disputes with allies, as happened with Germany in the acquisition of masks and in the attempt to obtain a patent for a vaccine that German pharmaceutical companies have been working on. The intention of the American president is clear: to distract attention from the domestic situation and show international strength, in order to minimize the effects of geopolitical setbacks experienced regarding China and Russia, who are demonstrating greater capacity to respond to the pandemic, both domestically and in support of the international community.

A third axis is the historical intention to seize and secure Venezuelan oil, faced with a world recession. Falling oil prices will be prolonged over time, given the drop in demand. It is this decrease that makes shale oil production unsustainable. Major companies in the sector have announced bankruptcy. It should be remembered that the production of shale oil is what sustains the advances in hydrocarbon production that have led the United States to self-sufficiency and to becoming the first oil producer in the world, within the framework of its doctrine of energy domination. Thus, taking possession of Venezuelan conventional oil, which is suitable for a large part of the North American refineries, becomes something peremptory.

These are some of the elements that influence the virulent escalation developed against our nation.

During the past year the attacks were directed at our electricity supply capacity. In this scenario, the principal attack will be on our fuel supply, where we cannot display the same strengths as on other fronts. The same effort will be made on our ability to supply food and medicine.

Everything indicates that this new escalation will be more profound and sustained over time. Civic-military unity and the role of the power of organized people are fundamental in our integral defense strategy. Venezuela has faced several attempts to overcome it. With the historical example of our best men and women and with the determination of the final victory we will continue the battle for our sovereignty and for the deepening of our revolutionary democracy.

Coordinación Nacional Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora

Translation by Internationalist 360º