Venezuela: Perfidy and Betrayal

Geronimo Paz fact that the US political and economic power elites are acting with deliberate, premeditated viciousness against Venezuela at a time when we are struggling to control the threat of the Covid-19, showing no sensitivity, humanism or consideration, is something that should not surprise us, because it is their nature, their essence. What can we expect from those who have filled the world with terror and death through their wars, who used atomic bombs in the Second World War against Japan without any regard, killing thousands upon thousands of people when it was militarily unjustifiable because the war was strategically decided? Or from those who invaded Iraq under the argument of biological weapons which they later impudently acknowledged never existed? The American power is made for that, it is its character, its reason for being, even more so at a time of inevitable decline, a decline that will undoubtedly be enhanced by the economic and geopolitical impact of the pandemic that humanity is facing.

The grotesque and infamous accusations of drug trafficking against President Maduro, Diosdado Cabello, and other Chavista leaders are a perverse and well-calculated manoeuvre of aggression. It is not a legal or juridical, it is a lawfare operation within the hybrid warfare scenario we face. Lawfare is the use of legal processes as an instrument of war, providing the appearance of legality, whose aim is to discredit an adversary, be it an individual, a political organization or a State. Lawfare is used to legitimize certain actions against the defined objective(s), from unjustly detaining political opponents, paralyzing funding and discrediting opponents, to weakening or deposing governments. Lawfare is an instrument of the notorious soft coup and also attempts to enhance the internal divisions within the forces under attack.

But that this is so, as we said, should not be a surprise. That the U.S. elites, that the Colombian narco-political class, that the troglodytes and stock exchanges of Bolsonaro are conspiring against Venezuela is logical: we defend different values, principles and projects, we defend the right of the people to their sovereignty, to peace, to true democracy, to a just life of inclusion. They defend privileges for the elites. What is difficult to process even when history is prolific in examples of these behaviours, is the fact that there are Venezuelans, people who call themselves Venezuelan who promote, support, who inside and outside the country work to make this happen. It is difficult to imagine what goes on in the minds, the psyche of these people. It is one thing to be against, to dissent, to oppose a government, a political project, and another thing to act as agents and forces at the service of a foreign power that attacks your country. It is outrageous to know this, to see that this is so.

Even though we understand and support the strategy that has been applied with a cool head and strategic patience to manage the situation with these clearly identified forces, working with a great sense of the political moment, the international conditions, the current escalation of the enemy alongside the pandemic scenario, leads us to consider the need to act more forcefully because we could be entering a new phase that requires forceful action. Both Guaidó and all the forces that directly or indirectly support him must be considered and treated as what they are, enemies of the country and agents of a foreign force that is attacking us. In this sense, we support the position expressed by Diosdado on several occasions and we ask that immediate actions be evaluated to bring about justice and to neutralize and strike at the internal forces of the U.S. aggressor.

Let us never forget the lessons of the Cartagena Manifesto and the War on Death Decree.

Translation by Internationalist 360°