Libya: LNA Liberate Large Areas of the Western Region

Al-Assah, Al-Jumayl, Ragdelin and Zaltan Under LNA Control a statement issued today, the General Command of the Libyan National Army announced that army forces seized control of Al-Assah, Al-Jumayl, Ragdelin, and Zaltan.

[Libya, 27 March 2020] – “The army forces have managed to release the areas of Al-Assah, Al-Jumayl, Ragdelin, and Zaltan from the control of the militias of the Government of National Accord (GNA) and their Syrian mercenaries who deserted their locations before the advent of our valiant forces,” stated the General Command.

“Today, these areas are free, secure, and safe after the expulsion of the terrorist and criminal militias. This progress on the ground followed the failed offensive by the so-called GNA militias and foreign terrorist mercenaries on Uqba bin Nafeh Airbase in Al-Watiyah, west of the country. We cannot help but thank the people of the region who contributed to this victory as a prelude to regaining their freedom and building their future,” added the statement.

“The international community now realizes that the terrorist and criminal militias disregarded the cessation of hostilities and did not observe the ceasefire and the Berlin Conference outcomes. They did not respond to our calls to focus efforts on combating the coronavirus epidemic in Libya. As we have affirmed, they ignored the armistice at the behest of the Turkish Joint Operations Room in Tripoli.”

“The incessant violations by the so-called GNA militias and foreign terrorist mercenaries of the ceasefire and their refusal to stop the hostilities to focus efforts on curbing the coronavirus epidemic in Libya, which killed thousands in other countries, oblige the armed forces to confront the terrorist militias supported by elements of the Turkish army, Syrian mercenaries, and terrorists. We shall take all appropriate measures to protect the Libyan people and their resources.”

The General Command warned the GNA and its militias that they would be a direct target for the armed forces on all fronts if they continue their hostilities in violation of the ceasefire. “We hold them fully responsible for all the consequences of their failure to heed this warning,” concluded the General Command.

Al Marsad

LNA Military Source: GNA Militias Lost Their Positions from Sabratha to Jumayl

Gaith Sabaq, Head of Follow-up and Monitoring Authority in the Libyan National Army (LNA), said that the militias of the Government of National Accord (GNA) launched a treacherous attack on all axes, in conjunction with their march towards Al-Watiyah Airbase northwest of Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi.

[Libya, 27 March 2020] – In a statement to Al-Ain Newspaper on Wednesday, Gaith Sabaq indicated that the militias lost two of their most prominent leaders in the battles, namely Abdul-Salam Ghaniyyah from Al-Saidiyyah, and Ali Hussain, who participated in the attack on the military base.

“The terrorist militias lost all their locations and surveillance points in the western region from Sabratha to Zuwarah, west of the capital, Tripoli, including Jumayl camp, which was earlier under the control of Al-Juweili, the so-called commander of the GNA western military zone,” indicated Sabaq.

Sabaq also mentioned that the LNA captured about 20 militants on all fronts, including 15 Syrian mercenaries, near Al-Watiyah Airbase.

Al Marsad