Coronavirus: A Fascist Putsch with Global Reach

October Diary

The coronavirus, COVID-19, is actually a real fascist putsch, similar to the Munich putsch of November 8, 1923 (Munich brewery Bürgerbräukeller) executed by the Nazis under the command of Adolf Hitler and with the call: The nationalist revolution has begun! In this case a fascist putsch of global dimension was unleashed by the bloodthirsty American army against the people of the entire world.

Here, then, are only two samples, for which I claim that the deadly virus has been released by the U.S. military: first, the Pentagon’s silence regarding the abrupt closure in August 2019 of the Fort Detrick laboratory located in Frederick, Maryland, the main center of the U.S. Army Medical Command’s biological weapons program, where deadly infectious material, such as the Ebola virus and smallpox disease, was studied (1). Second, the statements of the Italian high-level virologist Giuseppe Remuzzi, who has published articles in The Lancet where he states:

“Italian doctors now remember seeing: ‘A very strange and very serious pneumonia’, especially in the elderly in December and November [2019].

This suggests that the virus was circulating, at least in Lombardy before we knew that this outbreak was occurring in China’, but the author of this article, Larry Romanoff, categorically states:

“Chinese medical authorities have determined the same underlying phenomenon, that the virus had been circulating in the population for about two months before it finally erupted in the open” (2).

Similarly in Italy on 19 February, the Lombardy Health Region issued a statement that a 38-year-old Italian man was diagnosed with the new coronavirus, making it the fourth confirmed case in Italy. The man had never travelled to China and had no contact with the confirmed Chinese patients. There is more data, but for the moment, these two are enough.

A fascist putsch unleashed in the form of a deadly bacteriological attack and turned into a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) along with the bloody Nazi-like propaganda of the garbage presses (information monopolies) and meticulously planned by the CIA and the Pentagon.

A fascist putsch that demonstrates the warmongering character of every capitalist state equipped with such an arsenal, which has been permanently used by the United States (the only country that used nuclear weapons against Japan in 1945). Let us not forget their cruel experiment unleashed between 1946 and 1948 against thousands of people in Guatemala by intentionally infecting them with syphilis and gonorrhea without their knowledge, which is why on October 1, 2010, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was forced to make an official apology for such crimes. Then in the sixties and seventies of the last century in their cowardly aggression against Vietnam with the use of “Agent Orange”, as well as NAPALM. In the so-called “modern times”, it has continued with its criminal attacks against humanity, such as a series of viruses spread against Cuba. Also HIV and other scourges. All of those were genocides of extermination. So this coronavirus is nothing new. And even more so at a time of its collapse and serious anti-imperialist confrontation. This attack really is impressive. A full-scale genocide.

A Nazi putsch that seals a prolonged period of fascist rule (2001-2020) with massive genocides since September 11, 2001, unleashing invasions and occupations, using its air force and armed forces united with international coalitions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. Also permanent aggressions including mercenaries and fascist paramilitaries (Taliban, Al Qaeda, Islamic State) in Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, etc.

A putsch that has sealed its serious aggressions of financial and economic order under the cover of blockades, sanctions, brazen armed robberies and major military provocations with the stationing of troops and obsolete weapons on the borders of Russia, China, Iran, DPRK, etc.

A fascist putsch that aims to stop the sweeping advance in China’s technological achievements such as 5G and to generally weaken its economy. Also to destabilize Iran and then, in its total madness, to perhaps launch nuclear weapons. And to destroy the economic fabric of Italy that has had the audacity to raise its eyes towards the East of the planet.

A fascist putsch, whose aim is to destroy small and medium sized industries and businesses, thereby trying to lower the high rates of overproduction of goods and generate massive unemployment in the course of the great economic crisis in which the capitalist system has been involved since 2008 with a long economic cycle of crisis and stagnation since 1973. A situation that has been envisioned by the US investment banks themselves, those that according to the bourgeoisie cannot fall, which in this case the Bank of America warned of in March 2020, about the imminent entry into recession of the United States, in addition to the economic collapse in the second quarter of this year with a fall of 12% which would cause a contraction of 0.8% in its GDP.

A fascist putsch with which it intends to accentuate its ideological offensives such as the crushing of the fighting spirit and the spirit of struggle of the peoples, with the impulse of aberrant currents such as the fascist theory of gender, the push of fascist feminist movements, the embellishment of pseudo-progressive governments such as Spain’s (Podemos), and also of anarchist, free-thinking movements that only confuse the struggle of the peoples.

But it is a fascist putsch situated in a position of desperation of the Hitlerian bourgeoisie of Washington, of American drift and immersed in a failed strategy that is finally showing its counterproductive side, first, in its inter-imperialist contradictions in which China and Russia, have been the most perceptive. For example, the Chinese bourgeoisie’s control of 30% of the shares of Western monopoly companies based in China after their deep fall. And Russia is very firm, which at the moment is struggling to impose itself on the oil market and which is immediately leading to the bankruptcy of the American shale companies, which is nothing more than the bankruptcy of this country (the evidence for this will be found below). Second, in the attempts to drown the struggles of the people, for example, against the revolutionary movements in Chile. Also an attack that is likely to pave the way for future genocides, e.g., launching nuclear weapons against unarmed nations. Let us not forget the beginning of the deployment of new aggressive forces in Syria, which occurred only a few days ago, where they continue to send new occupying forces. It is also aimed at the older population, especially in European countries. In fact, their plans are sinister, which is why the peoples are being warned to isolate and crush this criminal imperialism, because, with this treacherous attack, the Hitlerites who are leading the Pentagon have crossed all the red lines against humankind.

It is within this framework that I conducted this analysis, striving to explain the meaning of this fascist putsch unleashed by the criminal American army against the people of the world. An analysis that to be serious must necessarily be adjusted to the observance of the economic, political and military situation in which these events occur. Without this it is not possible to obtain a proper view of what this fascist putsch means. As Lenin said, a concrete analysis of a concrete situation. And as a complement I warn that the complete analysis of the bloody itinerary of American fascism will be dealt with in a book that I will soon publish.

Let us begin this analysis with this:

1.- Impressive cracking of the capitalist edifice in the great depressive wave that began in 1973

First of all, we need to specify the historical moment in which the capitalist system finds itself today. This, I think, is very important to begin this analysis.

In this, at first sight, the itinerary followed by the economic cycles of the capitalist system in the last years of its second phase, the monopoly phase, demonstrates that these have become very prolonged.

But here it is necessary to emphasize the monstrous overproduction of commodities in which the capitalist system currently finds itself, which forces it to inflate the financial system, overloaded with fictitious capital that leads to a situation of extreme degradation of the financial bourgeoisie that immediately leads them to attack the productive system. It is the tendency to the primacy of financial activities to the detriment of production, that is, of the real economy, in whose essence is, I repeat, the origin of this anemic state of capitalist accumulation and reproduction. In reality, a historical tendency of the capitalist mode of production as a consequence of the decreasing tendency of the capitalists’ rates of profit. This in the stage of the monopolies is absolutely accentuated.

So, this shows the capitalist system of these last years is a crisis capitalism. That is reinforced by the results we had reached in the last analyses of the itinerary followed by this system, always taking into account the teachings of Marx and Lenin, which have essentially led us to sustain the loss of the condition of capitalist development by a scenario of evolutionism. A new world situation that was under debate and that some simply do not understand. For my part I continue in that analysis, trying as much as possible to deepen those abstractions.

Therefore, following the course of that analysis we can now talk about the continuity of the long economic cycle of crisis and stagnation initiated in 1973. A situation that indicates the inexistence of a new long economic cycle of progress and prosperity.

In this framework, the analysis of the new world situation implies first of all the analysis of the economic base of the capitalist system in which we move, where the central thing is the observance of its productive system (economic structure) and in it the first thing that glimmers, in a natural way, is the development of its productive forces.

In principle, the rebellion of the productive forces against the outdated production relations maintained by the criminal American bourgeoisie is growing.

As we have pointed out above, what is elementary in any analysis of the current capitalist system, is the observance of this system as a capitalism in crisis, accentuated, above all, from its second phase, the imperialist phase. That is, that implies the analysis of its stagnation, which in fact is the analysis of the economic crisis and which automatically leads to the analysis of the overproduction of goods, the overaccumulation of capital and the over-exploitation of the labour force. Without having a clear idea of these three variables it is not possible to correctly assess the current situation of the world capitalist system.

As far as overproduction of goods is concerned, the crisis of the markets, practically their paralysis and the closure of their circuits is an example of this situation. For example, the crisis that is announced in Latin America comes from this issue of paralysis of the markets in the industrialized countries (imperialist countries) because this region (Latin America) is a producer of raw materials. In fact there is overproduction, for example, in China in the automobile sector with a significant drop in automobile sales, also in Germany, United Kingdom, China and India. In Germany, one of the world’s producers of mechanical tools, there has been overproduction of tools. But perhaps something that best clarifies this is the overproduction of oil, which after the great slowdown in the world economy naturally leads to a drop in its price and consequently to a series of conflicts over the control of this market. But, centrally, the overproduction of commodities is leading to the closure of factories and industries that lately is leading to a huge mass of unemployed in the world.

When we talk about the accumulation of capital, we are talking about the financial fabric, what is called the financial engineer, which among others currently for the U.S. Fed, the Central Bank of Europe (ECB), the Bank of Japan of China, etc., involves the purchase of “toxic assets”, bonds from bankrupt governments that are raised above the real economy. Today it is said that this has immense significance for the liabilities of large companies (corporate debt) and for the obligations of many states (sovereign debt).

As far as the over-exploitation of the labor force is concerned, it implies the observance of the great masses of unemployed or dismissed people, what Marx called the industrial reserve army.

All this happens when the world economy is in a process of deepening serious crisis that conventional economists call a very strong process of deceleration.

And after these facts, the long economic cycle of crisis that began in 1973 is not over:

The system, as a consequence of the anemic process of accumulation and reproduction, the deepening of the decreasing tendency of capitalist profit rates and its gap in the continuity of the process of the long economic cycle, now feels absolutely in a true situation of historical entrapment that overwhelms it and makes it incapable of progress. The obsolete financial bourgeoisies are mumbling about the easiest thing to do, which is to focus on the control of strategic areas, especially those where there is energy wealth, that is, oil and gas. And consequently it is not a coincidence that the predatory American bourgeoisies are now orienting themselves with desperation and vehemence, with bloody hands and in the middle of a great arms race, towards the Middle East where precisely the largest reservoir of oil and gas on the planet is located.

This shows that the strength of the new technological innovations that are underway in the capitalist countries of Asia, especially in China, are not strong enough for the long economic cycle of contraction that began in 1973 to be closed. In fact, capitalist accumulation continues to take place around private ownership of the means of production and unjust social relations of production in which the contradiction of social production versus private appropriation of that social production is even more antagonistic. This shows that the current technological advances are inserted more as a flat economic evolutionism that already carries the same characteristics of oppression applied by the U.S. imperialist power.

2.- The current impact of the capitalist crisis in the midst of the new world situation (January-March 2020)

Here are some recent facts of the capitalist drift with impacts on the overproduction of commodities, overaccumulation of capital and over-exploitation of the labour force:

First, on 13 May 2019 Sputnik (Russian digital press) reported on the exorbitant financial derivatives (over-accumulation of capital) accumulated in the major investment banks that are stifling the imperialist system. This sample I present, refers to Deutsche Bank, the largest investment bank in Germany, which holds no less than 46 trillion euros equivalent to 20 times the GDP of Germany, the locomotive of Europe. In addition, deposits amounting to more than 550 billion euros. In reality, it would be nothing more and nothing less than a zombie bank preventing its collapse on the basis of the aggressive advertising campaigns supported by the German government, which for the economist, William Black, is nothing more than the largest criminal organization in Germany (one of his exploits has been the theft of a significant percentage of Venezuelan capital that was in his deposits in May 2019).

Consider this:

“But what is the main problem of the entity? Without a doubt, the enormous excess of financial derivatives. Its proportions are stratospheric: 46 trillion euros, equivalent to 20 times the GDP of Germany, the locomotive of Europe. It is very, very large. “Financial instruments are weapons of mass destruction that transform, mutate and multiply as long as nothing happens to clarify the toxicity of these securities,” warned investor Warren Buffet at the time. In addition to these financial derivatives, the bank holds deposits worth more than 550 billion euros. Analysts warn: as fears about Germany’s largest investment bank continue to spread, it may lead to a time when depositors of that money quickly come forward to get it out of the way. This will lead to a liquidity crisis first within the bank and then throughout the European financial system. And since Germany plays a very important role in the world economy, the terrible consequences will spread all over the world’ (3).

Secondly, on 14 March 2020, I learned of the huge losses of the now largest US monopoly company, Apple, said to be the most powerful and important transnational on the New York Stock Exchange, and part of the so-called FANG consortia (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google):

Now, consider this:

“In 2019, SPX’s top 34 earned an average of 26.8% and the ‘Big Five’ earned an average of 47.6%, without a doubt the ones that have benefited most from the Federal Reserve’s monetary expansion programs over the years. In the last quarter of 2019 (Q4`19), annual revenue growth of the consortia of the ‘top 34 of SPX was 3.6% and the FANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) obtained 15.5%, and their operating cash flows even 18.7% against the others (which, excluding mega banks) gives only 2.7%. The most powerful and most important company on the New York Stock Exchange is Apple. The ratio between the price of its shares and the net income of one Apple share grew by 87%… As we mentioned in our previous article, it was Apple who first raised the alarm, saying that its expected profits were falling, and most likely it was the company that took the initiative to sell its shares in coordination with the ‘Big Five’, and thus started the fall in the stock market” (4).

Thirdly, on March 17, 2020, the analyst Andrés Piqueras showed in his article: “Global crisis, coronavirus and dying capitalism: a deadly cocktail” some very good statistics referring to the growth of the GDPs of the United States, Europe and Japan:

“It would be too naive to believe that the financial crisis and the economic earthquakes that we are going to suffer for a long time are only a consequence of the coronavirus. The capitalist economy has been touched for quite some time. Annual growth on a global scale has slowed down to around 2.5%. The US grew at 2%, while Europe and Japan grew at 1%. In particular, Italy has been dragging along 17 consecutive months of decline in manufacturing activity. Similar contraction was seen in France, where business activity (PMI index) fell 1.3 points to 49.8 (below 50 means that more than half of the companies are not profitable). (5).

Fourth, regarding the global debt with recent data we have the following samples also from the previous author:

“The overall debt to GDP ratio has grown by 322% in the last quarter of 2019, exceeding $253 billion. Simply a medium-size recession would mean that the debt of capitalist corporations, at over $19 trillion, would simply be unaffordable for many of them. Zombie” companies, those that would go bankrupt just by raising interest rates, are estimated at 10% worldwide. According to Bloomberg, the obligations of many states and the health of investment funds is not exactly better (6).

Fifth, it is not possible to ignore the head-on collision that is taking place in the present conjuncture between the US and Chinese bourgeoisie over the issue of 5G technologies, at the bottom a collision for world hegemony. In this regard, it is necessary to take note of the following note published by Sputnik on 19 March 2020, which states that China, after the serious events that have occurred recently (January-March 2020), maintains its world leadership in the 5G network:

“China has consolidated its global leadership position in building 5G networks despite the coronavirus outbreak, reports the international mobile operators’ association GSMA…To date, more than 50 operators have launched commercial 5G networks worldwide, 35 of which were built by Huawei. In addition, the existing network infrastructure of previous generations in many countries is built with Huawei equipment. In the EU, Huawei has a 31 per cent share of the cellular infrastructure market. The 5G networks in South Korea, although launched earlier than in China, operate with Huawei equipment’ (7 ).

Sixth, on March 20, 2020 I was able to capture the following note from the Diario Octubre of Spain (Digital) that was broadcasting about the army of unemployed, it is necessary to take note:

“The recession in the United States threatens one million jobs, according to the research company Oxford Economics in a note published yesterday by Reuters… “In the end, we expect a total loss of GDP of 350 billion dollars (320 billion euros) in 2020 and the loss of around one million jobs,” adds Oxford” (8)

3.- Inter-imperialist struggles (January-March 2020)

Although it is true that geopolitics has its limits, I personally try to have it as a living discipline and always in direct interconnection with dialectical-historical materialism. Those who do not observe it in this way simply do not understand it.

So, according to the previous facts and already in a situation of fascist putsch (with clear strategic objectives, explained above) and of serious economic crisis, now we have to observe, how they have been and are, the reactions of the imperialist countries in general. For the time being, the Western imperialist countries are beginning to agitate for the rescue (this in geo-economic terms), that is, buying up toxic debts from banks and companies. Of course, as states, they have had no other reaction than to come to the aid of the monopolies that are precisely owned by the hierarchs that control those states, thus making the class character of the states very visible, unmasking that they are not states of all peoples.

On the side of the eastern imperialist countries such as China and Russia, these have taken very important steps in strengthening their economies even geostrategically, acting in a certain way with some firmness. This is very important:

First, the actions of the Western elites (United States and Europe). In fact, on March 15, 2020, the response of the U.S. Fed to these events was made known in the following terms (This is a report by EFE):

“EFE. “The Federal Reserve (Fed) decided this Sunday to cut reference interest rates by one point to leave them in the range of 0% to 0.25%, in order to boost economic activity and combat the harmful effects of the expansion of the coronavirus on the world economy… In addition, the central bank announced today that it will buy $700 billion in bonds and other financial products. “The Federal Reserve is prepared to use all its tools to support the flow of credit to households and businesses,” the institution stressed in its note.

Second, the ECB also did its part to save the big banks. That situation was made known in measures taken by the bank on 16 March 2020 to save its monopolies:

“The ECB unblocks 60 billion to Spanish banks to cover losses from the Covid-19 The European regulator gives margin for the banks to lower their capital rates by 3.5 percentage points, which would mean losing 60 billion, the equivalent of another bailout… The Spanish banks have margin to take a hit from the coronavirus similar to the financial bailout of 2012. The European Central Bank (ECB) announced last Thursday a series of measures to facilitate the digestion of this crisis for European entities. Most of the initiatives seek to relax the solvency requirements: that banks can have the capital they have been accumulating in the boom years. In the case of the Spanish, may use up to 60,000 million …. By entities, the bank with more margin to ‘combat’ the coronavirus is Santander, with 27,320 million capital cushion, followed by BBVA (16,778 million), CaixaBank (5,187 million), Bankia (4,503 million), Sabadell (2,849 million), Unicaja (1,390 million), Bankinter (1,182 million), Liberbank (774 million) and Ibercaja (711 million). (10).

Third, geopolitically as always the reaction of the United States has remained reckless. With serious provocations. Thus, for example, on March 16, 2020, we received news that it was preparing to use the nuclear facility. Although its fascist putsch has been counterproductive and is deepening its drift, it has in fact shocked the world. Even in such a situation, his provocations are still very serious. We cannot deny this.

“America tests thermonuclear bombs in a maneuver in Nevada. As reported on Saturday by the website The Drive, the US Air Force (USAF) has launched an advanced air combat training exercise, called Red Flag, at Nellis airfield in the western state of Nevada. According to this report, the U.S. has tested the capabilities of its advanced F-15E Strike fighter-bombers in these simulations.) Eagle and EA-18, the F-16 fighters, as well as their B-52 Stratofortres nuclear bombers. The U.S. Air Force has also conducted several flight qualification tests of a new series of its B61-12 thermonuclear bombs from F-15E Strike fighters, as reported by The Drive. Several member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have also participated in these maneuvers, such as Germany, Italy and Spain, states that have cooperated with Washington in the U.S. military deployment in Europe”. (11).

Fourth, continuing with this, according to a note I had access to on March 18, 2020 from HispanTV, the United States was continuing its customary economic sanctions in this case against Iran. All of this was happening in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Washington announces a new round of embargoes against Tehran as part of its so-called ‘maximum pressure’ campaign, amidst the spread of coronavirus. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday that Washington blacklisted nine entities based in South Africa, Hong Kong and China, as well as three Iranian individuals, “for engaging in significant transactions” to trade domestically produced petrochemicals.

On the Chinese and Russian side:

First, let’s look at China’s reaction. In the midst of this situation, China’s response has been interesting. I think so. The statements made by the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, Hua Chun Ying, on March 6, 2020, in which she stated that her country was beginning to consider the idea of ceasing the purchase of U.S. public debt, which would soon cause a hard blow to the dollar as the international reserve currency, were interesting. He also announced in that same statement the end of the dominant and hegemonic empire.

“China announces an economic blockade of the United States. A few hours ago, after the Shanghai Stock Exchange closed today with the triumphant launch of the Oil Futures Contracts at Petro Yuanes, in a forceful response to Donald Trump’s tariff sanctions on its exports, on a national chain and with global projection, the spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, Hua Chun Ying, declared the following: “High officials of the US and the European Union are in favour of a blockade of the US. High US officials say that ‘the era of commercial surrender of their country has come to an end, but IT IS THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC INTIMIDATION AND HEGEMONY THAT HAS ENDED, USA. The US must return to respect for international law, stop abrogating extraterritorial rights and mandates, must relearn to respect its peers, so as to safeguard transparent and non-discriminatory diplomatic and trade exchanges; China and the US have negotiated other frictions in the past with good results, so the doors to dialogue are open, provided that it is on the basis of respect and mutual benefit. As long as these new trade frictions persist, however, China unilaterally informs the Government of the United States of America, and the whole world, that it is proceeding immediately to impose tariffs on 128 products originating in the United States. At the same time, it begins to consider the idea of ceasing the purchase of American public debt, that is all, very good night’ (13).

Second, there was also a masterstroke in March 2020, in the framework of the economic war in which China is involved with the United States in the midst of the bacteriological attack to which it was subjected, in which in a masterstroke China took over about 30% of the shares of Western companies that are based in China. It is said that “Xi Jinping has outdone the Europeans and the smart American Democrats. He played a wonderful game in front of the whole world.

“Due to the situation in Wuhan, the Chinese currency began to decline, but the Chinese central bank took no action to stop this collapse. There were also many rumors that China did not even have enough masks to fight the coronavirus. These rumors and Xi Jinping’s statement that she is ready to protect the residents of Wuhan by blocking the borders has led to a sharp drop in stock prices (44%) in Chinese Technology and the Chemical Industry. The financial sharks began to sell off all Chinese shares, but no one wanted to buy them and they were completely devalued. Xi Jinping made a big move at this point, waiting a whole week and smiling at the press conferences as if nothing special had happened. And when the price fell below the permitted limit, he ordered to buy ALL the European and American shares at once! Then the “financial sharks” realized that they had been cheated and driven into bankruptcy. But it was too late, because all the shares had passed into the hands of China, which at this point not only made $2 billion, but thanks to the drill, is once again the majority shareholder in the companies built by Europeans and Americans. Now the shares belong to their companies and they have become the owners of the heavy industry on which the EU, America and the whole world depend. From now on, China will set the price and the income of its companies will not leave China’s borders, but will stay at home and maintain all Chinese gold reserves. Therefore, the American and European “financial sharks” proved to be stupid and in a few minutes the Chinese collected the majority of their shares, which now produce billions of dollars in profits”. (14).

Thirdly, regarding Russia’s reaction. On March 1, 2020, I learned from Sputnik about Russia’s firm reaction to the US aggression against Syria. In this case it happened as a warning to Turkey, a puppet of the United States, when it told it that it did not guarantee the safety of flights of its fighter planes over Syrian territory. A situation that was simply stirring up U.S. provocations.

“Russian military can no longer guarantee the safety of flights by Turkish aircraft over Syria after the closure of airspace over Idlib, said the head of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation in Syria, Oleg Zhuravliov. The Syrian Army announced that it had closed the airspace over Idlib and warned that all aircraft entering the space would be considered enemy and shot down. “Under these conditions the command of the group of Russian troops cannot guarantee the safety of flights of Turkish aviation in Syrian airspace,” said Zhuravliov.

Fourthly, also in a note that captures on the Internet, the most important part of Russia’s reaction and which is now beating like wildfire across borders. This refers to the move that the president, Vladimir Putin, is making in the field of the oil market, that is, for the control of this market that has to do with world hegemony. Here I would like to emphasize his position with respect to the confrontation with Saudi Arabia, which has not been diminished before the usual impositions of this country managed by the monopolistic groups of the United States. In fact, this is how it should be seen.

“Fracking”, which fracking? Putin puts the US and Saudi Arabia in check in this oil duel. The West, with America at its head, has always wanted to tame the Russian bear like a circus animal. They succeeded in doing so when the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, they forgot about Russia during the decade of drunken President Boris Yeltsin, and if we consider more recent data they tried to isolate, demonize and sink Russia with sanctions since it annexed the Crimea in 2014. To the misfortune of many, the bear has grown up, taken off its circus chains, licked and healed its wounds, and has been preparing, alone and quietly, to take them off one by one. The time has come, and what I am going to tell you today is just one of the moments that Russia has been waiting for and one of the surprises that Russia has been preparing for the West. Putin does not forgive or forget’ (16).

Fifthly, also this note is very important the lamentations of the American president, Donald Trump, regarding the Russian rejection of the Saudi blackmail on the subject of oil. It is simply about the bankruptcy of the oil shale companies in the United States, or what is the same, the economic collapse of this country (United States).

“U.S. President Donald Trump commented on the situation, blaming Russia, Saudi Arabia and “false news” for what was happening. At the same time, he pointed out that the collapse of the market will provide consumers with cheap gasoline. “What is happening now is a disaster for the oil shale segment, including Chesapeake Energy and Whiting Petroleum, which were trading at an extremely low level even before the collapse. As oil companies have burned hundreds of billions in ten years, shale production is beginning to frustrate sponsors, leading to massive debts. It was driven into a desperate situation,” says Bloomberg. Dan Pickering, manager of Pickering Energy Partners , complained that the shale industry “shot itself in the foot when production increased.

4. What’s coming: The drift of U.S. imperialism and the rise of the people

First of all we must know that the American bourgeoisie was very desperate. This came from their economic, political and military drift. However, their greatest concern was the fact that some countries were equipped with long-range ballistic missiles, which in the case of the DPRK would even reach their own territory. This was one of the reasons why the DPRK was practically crazy, since, according to her calculations, this would irremissibly bring about the obsolete drift of all its conventional armamentarium of which it would probably be accusing Russia and China. And right away the Pentagon was very angry about the missiles in Iran and Yemen.

As we well know, the United States has entered a situation of drift. It is vox populi the implosion of its world hegemony in 2010. And moreover, strategic parity is an insurmountable fence for the recovery of its world hegemony. The existence of countries with strategic armaments that do not admit US vassalage has been crucial in this regard. The United States simply cannot afford to use nuclear weapons against Russia and China, countries that are also overloaded with these weapons.

Under these conditions, after this fascist putsch, the new world situation with all the strategic parity and the great arms race is in fact absolutely very unfavourable to the United States. In fact, it is an extremely serious situation in the stability of this country that pushes its bourgeoisie to accentuate its fascist character, where its army, its paramilitary sections and the high number of obsolete conventional weapons it has, become absolutely decisive. It is therefore completely inadmissible to disregard the agitations that on the geopolitical level are present above all observed as serious provocations by the American army against its Russian and Chinese counterparts. Also the serious aggressions against the unarmed countries even with serious threats of use of nuclear weapons. But we must also be very clear, there are serious risks that their obsolete conventional armament will lose effectiveness, for example, their aircraft carrier beds can be shot down with a single Khinzal anti-ship hypervelocity missile or with a Bastion missile armed with supersonic P-800 Onyx projectiles from the Russian army. That is why in some notes written on previous occasions we have pointed out that this situation could only be stopped by taking firm positions in the face of these serious provocations. It was not by choice.

But, in general, a situation that could only be understood by locating the agonizing phase of the capitalist system, as Lenin understood it in his book, Imperialism – the superior phase of capitalism, which today must be interpreted as the arrival at its maximum limit of this second phase of the capitalist system on the basis of the agglomeration of the laws of capitalist production (the law of surplus value, the decreasing trend of capitalist profit rates, the great increases in the organic composition of capital, the unequal development and the law of monopolies) which in essence is a capitalism that no longer allows for further development but only for evolutionism.

A.- The drift of the lethal American imperialism

The implosion of American world hegemony is not an empty phrase. It is a concrete situation. In the background, after their despair over the process of losing the strategic value of their conventional armaments that have become obsolete, the reason for the madness and the serious provocations of the American financial bourgeoisie, is this implosion of the American world hegemony. On this we must be very clear.

So because of all this drift the final decision of that bourgeoisie is going to be to continue with its provocations, it is the general tendency that history has assigned to it, which as we know is, until its final ruin. This is dragging him mercilessly along. Added to this is the pressure of the great economic crisis, in which the gravity of the events that have been accumulating up to this point must be decisive, and which could cause the functioning of his powers to atrophy even more, escaping his control, and could end up as a great danger that could even seriously jeopardize his own existence. And in order to stop this drift, it needs to fortify its state as a fascist, vertical and authoritarian regime, which is currently personified by the current US president, Donald Trump, the same one that pushes it to keep on getting emboldened because precisely this fascist system of terror, means nothing else, but more terror and more provocations. This is where the fascist putsch lies. So he will continue with his provocations. It would be a grave illusion to think that lethal U.S. imperialism will retreat. A grave illusion.

Watch out at the Pentagon, there is no purpose for amendment or change (backwards) in the aggressive policy of the United States. This is where the fascist putsch lies. We cannot lose sight of this under any circumstances.

Therefore, the US financial bourgeoisie has no other alternative than to continue with its provocations and turn the new situation into a very rough and violent one, above all of aggressions against the unarmed countries, but that is, avoiding confronting the countries that have that weaponry, that is, nuclear weapons. Their situation is extremely crucial at the moment. This is forced by the vortex of events that are currently accumulating in international circles in order to maintain their power.

Consequently, Iran, the DPRK, Venezuela, Syria, Yemen and generally the peoples of the whole world must prepare for future battles and face it with dignity and firmness. Therefore, they should abandon forever the illusion that the United States will change. The changes the people are longing for will come only by firmly raising the banners of anti-imperialism and for socialism until the final victory.

B. – The uprising of the peoples

Of course the great economic depression of 2008, the constant and increasingly serious provocations of the U.S. fascists and the recent serious fascist putsch with bacteriological attack against all the peoples of the world, force the proletariat and the peoples of the world to rise up in struggle.

In fact, after these serious events, the communist organizations must be fully reviewing all their possibilities, which in one way or another, will lead them to adopt measures to reorient their struggles, where the main thing will be the construction of the communist vanguard, the united front and the vertebration of its armed arm, the subjective elements of the revolution.

The fascist putsch, contrary to the expectations of the American fascist bourgeoisies to arrogate to themselves the control of the world by crushing their competitors, Russia and China, besides, by crushing the proletariat, will necessarily lead them to their final ruin. That is the sentence of history.

Consequently, everything written so far is neither reckless nor conspiratorial. As we have seen throughout this analysis, it is sustained by the transcendental facts that have been enveloping the world economy, and that from the end of 2016, when the architecture of Western imperialist rule imploded, its outcomes began to unfold in a very rapid way, inevitably leading to a juncture of historical definitions. Let us not forget, this is the most important conclusion of all the upheavals that have been shaking the planet lately.


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