NATO for Global Health. The Bland and Surreal Secretary Stoltenberg

Marinella Correggia NATO have missed it? No. Missiles, bombs, tanks and fighter bombers are known to be the most effective remedy against viruses. Much better than the Cuban doctors who arrived in Lombardy on March 22.

The interview with the Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, with the Italian newspaper Republica, evokes in the headlines a “NATO plan for the creation of a health shield” that “will guarantee health security”. But where is the plan? There is no plan.

In his debut, Stoltenberg tried to credit his expensive organization for employing soldiers in the various “allied” countries in civilian tasks to deal with the emergency, explaining incredibly that “NATO adapts to the changing world”. But what does NATO have to do with the use of the military for the protection of the population?

In fact, answering the question whether the Alliance can do something for Italy, Stoltenberg stammers softly: “(…) it can be a platform for sharing experiences”. What did he mean by that? He adds shamelessly: “The Alliance’s fundamental concern is to guarantee defence even in the midst of an epidemic. Sounds like comedy today.

Jens dispenses pearls like this: “We will learn the importance of preparation, of being united”. He then admits that “one of the most important lessons to be learned is the need to strengthen civil resilience, from health care to transport and infrastructure”.

But then, is it a question of transferring resources from military spending to health spending as many now demand? Stoltenberg senses the threat and defends himself: “The world in which we live is without certainties, we have seen terrorism in Iraq and Syria, a more assertive Russia, cyber attacks, instability in North Africa: everything conditions our security. This is why the allies, including Italy, have committed themselves to spending more on defence”.

In a metaphorical open letter to Jens Stoltenberg and the members of NATO we would write the following:

“Apart from the assertiveness of Russia (what does that mean?) and the unspecified cyber attacks (by whom, against whom and why?), know (you know it! If you’re not a fool) that terrorism in Iraq and Syria, let’s add Libya in the foreground, and instability in North Africa are the poisoned fruit of your wars of aggression, direct or by proxy, in recent years.

You have been a deadly virus for millions of people, for entire peoples”.

Translation by Internationalist 360º