Indigenous Peoples, Coronaviruses, and Westernized Hypocrisy

Ollantay Itzamná of natives sick with smallpox. Internet.

For modernity, genocide and/or pandemic is such only if the victims are white, male, European or westernized.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), as of 18/03/20, there were 200 thousand people in the world infected by COVID-19, and more than 8 thousand dead as a result of this pandemic, since the virus was first recorded.

According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), 8,500 children under the age of five in the world die every day from malnutrition. In 2017, 6.3 million children under the age of 15 died from this or other causes. Every five seconds a child in the world dies from malnutrition!

Why is child malnutrition not declared a global pandemic?

All children who die from malnutrition are from impoverished families, indigenous or peasant families, especially in rural areas. In the case of the victims of COVID-19, they are mostly white adults or elderly people from cities, especially from modern/developed cities. including the President of Banco Santander. Also, 26 priests in Italy.

Could it be that for the UN, and the modern international community, the 8.5 million children who die every day from malnutrition are not human, or are less human than Europeans, whites, bankers? Could it be aporophobia? Could it be racism?

Pandemics and genocides against indigenous peoples

The civilization of modernity, was born in the fifteenth century, inoculating smallpox, syphilis, influenza … against the inconvenient indigenous peoples or subaltern peoples who resisted the European Christian civilization of fear and plunder.

Smallpox, syphilis… was cheaper than gunpowder to subdue the indigenous peoples without completely disappearing them. In a matter of years, nascent modernity biologically reduced the indigenous population in Abya Yala by over 80%. COVID-19, kills less than 3% of those infected! However, it has already been declared a global pandemic by the UN.

They say that the Europeans repudiated Hitler not so much for killing human beings, but for killing a white population in Europe. Modernity bequeathed privileges to Europe and the USA thanks to the “Hitlerism” that they established with impunity in the rest of the world, for more than five centuries.

For modernity, genocide and/or pandemic is such only if the victims are white, male, European or Westernised. This is a gruesome x-ray of blind modernity.

COVID-19 will be lethal for indigenous peoples

With immense pain we read in the news that in 24 hours the COVID-19 pandemic kills 475 Italians. Modern countries, despite their health and security infrastructure, in a matter of days become the lethal epicenter of the modern pandemic.

If this happens in territories with a budget and health infrastructure, what will happen if COVID-19 reaches indigenous territories? Territories with nearly 80% of their children undernourished, no health infrastructure/budget, no State, no rights.

Rural indigenous families in Guatemala, Peru, Mexico… don’t have enough for beans, much less for masks, disinfectants, water and sanitation.

I do not want to imagine what this modern-day Frankenstein could do, if it were to enter the rural indigenous populations.

Such experiments in modern biopolitics, conducted by sickly hegemonic powers, is one more reason to exercise control and self-determination in our territories. It seems that the coronavirus is not only about human health/life, but also about the wealth and the remaining rebels still subsisting in the territories of the world.

Translation by Internationalist 360º