Coronavirus: The Virus of Fear

Ollantay Itzamná

The Portuguese novelist, José Saramago, winner of the Novel Prize for Literature (1998), published his social fiction novel entitled Essay on Blindness, where, in a surprising and inexplicable way, the inhabitants of a city become completely blind. Panic and chaos take hold of the city, the blind fight for food and water. An armed group of blind people prevails over the blind city.

With his work, Saramago alerted us not only to the need to preserve/save human morality/solidarity in the midst of chaos, but also to the need to cultivate light (reason) over darkness (belief/fear).

At the end of 2019, in the city of Wuhan, China, the coronavirus appeared, in a mysterious way, which spread surprisingly fast to several points of Europe and regions of the USA, to the extent that the UN declared the coronavirus a “global pandemic”.

Who spread the coronavirus?

The Western hegemonic media reported that the virus “emerged on an animal farm”. Later, the World Health Organization (WHO) denied this, and now the origin of the virus remains under “suspicion “: it could have come from bats, or from some laboratory, as part of the germ warfare strategy. Suspiciously, no one is debating the origin.

At the moment, there are about 180,000 people infected with coronaviruses in the world. Of these, about 5,000 lost their lives (less than 3%) in the last four months. Ninety-seven percent of those infected have recovered.

China, in spite of “not having been prepared to face the pandemic”, managed to overcome this misfortune, using 10 antivirals, one of which was INTERFERON 2B (Cuban). Europe, at the moment, is the new epicenter of the virus, because of the number of people infected.

Different governments in the world, especially those most “loyal” to the US government, maximized the confusion and minimized the protection (as Naomi Klein claims) as a measure to “manage” the pandemic of fear.

The major “communication” mega-corporations not only confused the world’s population about the origin of the virus, but also spread/propagate panic, installing in the world’s imagination “anti-Chinese sentiment”. China is the enemy of humanity. It is the culprit! And modern and postmodern humanity fell into the trap of “planetary shock therapy”.

Planetary shock therapy?

Whole populations in modern (civilized/educated) societies are panicked, “looted” and “fighting” over food in supermarkets. Whole countries in quarantine, self blockading, and without hospitals or medicines. The world lives under the tyranny of those who “control and commodify” food, on the ashes of the hungry, blinded by fear.

Dengue kills more than coronaviruses…, and the price of oil is down

Despite the fact that in countries like Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, tens of thousands of children and adults die every year from malnutrition, dengue fever, measles, and in spite of the fact that, in four months, worldwide, less than 3% of those infected by coronaviruses have died. People are suffering from a pandemic of coronavirus panic, as never before seen, viralized by social networks.

We have the price of oil “down” as a result of the anti-pandemic measures, but shouldn’t the price of fuel and food have dropped? The transnational airlines, as a result of the flight suspension, will declare bankruptcy demanding “state rescue”. The phobia against migrants is growing everywhere and anti-Eastern sentiment is at its highest.

What the corporate media doesn’t say

The coronavirus appears, surprisingly, without any precedent, in China no less, a country which the US government was unable to defeat in the “trade war” declared a couple of years ago.

Remember that the US is one of China’s main debtors (for the purchase of its debt). Furthermore, China was expanding commercially and technologically throughout the world, amidst the suffocating financial crisis in Europe and the United States.

The US government promoted the latest coups d’état in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Honduras, to repel the Chinese presence in Latin America.

In spite of the misfortune, China managed to overcome the coronavirus pandemic in record time. But this is not said by the corporate media either. Much less do they indicate that INTERFERON 2B, produced by Cuba, is one of the 10 antivirals that China has used to help its population and other affected countries in Europe.

They alarm the world with news about quarantines of entire countries, but they do not say whether or not those countries have medicine to help the sick.

Meanwhile, Venezuela and Cuba, with no major viral scenario, have tens of thousands of antiviral treatments available to deal with the infections, without closing borders. The corporate media are also silent about this.

What are they after with the coronavirus pandemic?

The coronavirus is not a pandemic in itself. It is not a health issue. It is a criminal ideological issue well calibrated by the deranged economic-political-military power of the American elite in an attempt to restore their world hegemony.

They intended to generate global panic in order to sow anti-Chinese sentiment, and thus repel the growing presence of this country in the world. And they seem to be succeeding.

The sad thing is, after this planetary shock therapy, the economic and existential scourge will be more brutal for the impoverished countries that believe this gringo lie. With our public contributions, we will have to save the transportation companies, the tourism industry… because they will go bankrupt.

They will inoculate us with vaccines and poisonous food/drink, as part of international humanitarian policies in the wake of a coronavirus pandemic. Thus, we will continue to be sick and dependent on their poisonous drugs for the viruses and diseases they manufacture.

This planetary therapy served them in studying and mapping out how we react to their lies. Now, it will be easier for them to implement more lethal “pandemics” to continue to oxygenate their criminal financial system with fresh money.