Apotheosis of Evil

Atilio A. Boron

The history of humanity is marked by countless episodes that reveal the omnipresence of evil. Cain, by killing his brother Abel, has been telling this story since the mythical dawn of the human species. Throughout centuries and millennia, examples abound, at all latitudes. No society was spared the evil and the suffering it causes. However, the situation of recent days offers us an example of a perversity rarely seen: in the midst of a global pandemic, the greatest superpower on the planet is persisting in the application of a policy of blockade and economic sanctions against third countries which prevent, or make it extremely difficult, to gain access to the medicines needed to defend themselves from the deadly threat of the coronavirus.

Among us, Cuba and Venezuela have been the main victims of that criminal policy. Cuba has been bearing with exemplary dignity and stoicism the longest comprehensive blockade in history: no empire, no despot, no tyrant, no matter how cruel or barbaric, has ever done what successive US governments have done against the rebellious island. Throughout six decades they perpetrated against it, without any pause, crimes against humanity. Under Donald Trump, these crimes were aggravated to unknown extremes due to the breadth and variety of their interventions and their systematic vocation to do evil to the Cuban people. Genocidal policies aimed at exterminating or inflicting serious damage on a collective, in this case the Cuban nation, which the self-proclaimed leaders of the world seek to justify by claiming that with them democracy, human rights and justice will flourish in Cuba. Behind such lofty declarations is hidden an unspeakable purpose, pursued by the United States since 1783, as John Adams wrote from London. In fact, in a famous letter he said that the island was a “natural extension” of the continental territory of the United States and that its annexation was necessary for its national security which could again be threatened by the United Kingdom and that, therefore, its independence should never be tolerated. In other words, there is an almost two and a half century long obsession to take over the island, which has been extraordinarily exacerbated in recent times.

Venezuela has also suffered the brutal aggression of the empire. The economic “sanctions” applied against the Bolivarian state and its main leaders had no other purpose than to cause cruel suffering to the population and deaths due to the impossibility of importing medicines and food that either had already been paid for or the money was deposited in European banks to finance their purchase but that the White House ordered frozen. Another textbook genocide, coupled with the brazen theft of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s assets abroad – the CITGO case – and the continuous sabotage and violence carried out by serial killers like Iván Duque and corrupt buffoons like the “self-proclaimed” Juan Guaidó, a major brand of imbecile who believes that the drones and missiles of an American invasion, should it occur, would affect only the Chavistas, leaving their few and increasingly demoralized supporters unscathed.

Washington, which has already begun its inexorable decline as an imperial center, acts as an unbridled buffoon that imposes its law thanks to the deadly effectiveness of its weapons and also to the cowardice of governments such as those of Europe and Japan that consent to its outrages and sheepishly admit the “extraterritoriality” of the laws of the United States. They believe that the New York Caligula will never turn against them. The pandemic is proving the opposite and also confirms that the evil embodied by Donald Trump and the U.S. political and corporate leadership is unparalleled. No one, absolutely no one else has ever dropped atomic bombs on two defenseless cities in Japan. No one else subjected another people to a sixty-year blockade or economic sanctions designed to inflict pain on a community. In the context of a pandemic like the current one, a minimum of humanitarian sentiments should have prompted the United States leadership -not only Trump- to declare the temporary suspension of the blockade and sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela. They have not, and will not, do so. Oscar Wilde was right when, a little more than a century ago, he said that “the United States is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilization”.

Translation by Internationalist 360°