Italy: Coronavirus Hysteria (and a Lesson from Aleppo)

Marinella Correggia

We should listen to the lesson in dignity that comes from Aleppo. 
In Aleppo, Syria, a country whose destruction – by jihadist terrorists and mercenaries – Italy has politically supported since 2011, together with other NATO countries and the Gulf monarchies, they are praying for Italy.

At the same time from that resilient city, Franciscan Father Ibrahim, speaking in Italian (see video), said:

“I am surprised that in Italy all the schools are closed, here they were open despite the missiles that were falling.”

A lesson in dignity from Syria

Meanwhile, look at these scenes of hysterical fear from March 8, 2020 in Italy: What happened? After announcing, a few hours before the measure was in force, the impossibility of leaving Milan (to prevent the spread of the coronavirus), several residents of the economic capital of the North, stormed the last train to leave for their cities of origin (usually in the South), contributing to the spread of the virus (a region of the South is now about to declare a quarantine).

The people who are now so afraid are the same ones who are raiding the shops to buy food as if there were a war instead of a virus. As if we were Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yugoslavia or Afghanistan, to name some of the nations that Italy directly or indirectly attacked.

These fearful people who violate the coronavirus decree are the same people who, many times since 1991, when Italian governments dropped bombs on other people’s heads, did nothing to protest, because the bombs did not affect them.

 And these fearful people who are fleeing are the same ones who, before the coronavirus demonstration in Italy, attacked the Chinese in the streets.

Unfortunately, it is not only Italy. In Ukraine, residents attacked buses full of Ukrainians returning from China with stones.