The Dignity of Venezuela

Pablo Jofre Leal

In spite of the imperialist pressure and his allies, particularly some European and Latin American governments, the latter grouped in the so-called Lima Group, the current president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moro, has managed to strengthen his foreign policy relations and consolidate his internal flank, both in civic and armed forces.

Proof of this is the generation of important agreements in various fields: hydrocarbons, military, commercial, technological, with powers of the caliber of China, Iran and associated Eurasian countries, willing to strengthen relations with Venezuela despite American tantrums. With a frustration and impotence that cannot be disguised: the United States, Luis Almagro, the current aggressive Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), the Lima Group and all those foreign politicians and Venezuelans with squalid morals; cry out in desperation for not achieving their objectives of overthrowing the government presided over by Nicolas Maduro.

Undoubtedly, and although it torments the internal and external opponents of the Venezuelan government, it has demonstrated its strength beyond all doubt, enduring sanctions and aggressions that would overthrow any government, except those where the concept of resistance of its population is a central part of its policies. Since 2017, Washington has imposed a total of 150 sanctions, in every field imaginable, the last of which occurred a few days ago when the US government decreed punitive measures against the state airline Conviasa.

On February 15, the Venezuelan Minister of Communication, Jorge Rodriguez, denounced that the economic blockade carried out by Washington against Venezuela has caused serious damage to the Bolivarian nation. “We are suing the Trump Administration for the theft of our assets and foreign bank deposits of companies located in our borders, our Homeland, in the amount of 116 billion dollars, which is considered a brutal action by the satellite governments and their lackeys. In this context, it is quite a feat for Venezuela to take concrete measures aimed at regulating its difficult economic and social situation, carrying out reforms to alleviate the problems derived, fundamentally, from the destabilizing action of the United States and its allies but also from the conspiratorial conduct of the Venezuelan opposition, absolutely devoted to the mandates issued by the White House.

Even with this recalcitrant, bellicose opposition, which in any country in the world would be prosecuted for treason – based on its request for military intervention by a foreign power – Maduro’s government is prepared to sit down and negotiate a solution that benefits the country as a whole, without giving in on those points that are unyielding, such as not allowing Washington and the European oil powers to interfere in the decisions that are made and ending all sanctions, embargoes and blockades against the South American country. As a proof of good will in this path of dialogue, the Miraflores Palace has invited observers from different countries and organizations, thus visualizing that Caracas has open doors, to carry out a work schedule with the various sectors of the country.

As a guarantee and support of the aforementioned decision to hold a dialogue, the Venezuelan government has broad citizen support, despite the information provided by the media protected from Washington, as well as the support of the Army, with demonstrations of citizen military power such as the defense exercise held on February 15 and 16, which gathered 2.3 million citizens. With the deployment of armored vehicles, infantry troops, warships and helicopters, among other elements, the so-called “Bolivarian Shield 2020” was carried out, destined, in the words of President Maduro, “to guarantee the defense of all cities, and to train and prepare us and implement our military capabilities throughout the operational system.

The self-proclaimed destabilizer

With the support of all evidence – even with acts of corruption that the U.S. media itself has denounced – the Trump administration continues to prop up the self-proclaimed president (illegitimate, by the way) Juan Guaidó who, at this point in time, in the history of destabilization against his own people, has shown that he has no scruples, blush or patriotic honor, when it comes to carrying out the orders given by the United States. Guaidó, who often travels through countries, governments and companies, to give a whiff of legitimacy to a fictitious government. A false government, which does not direct anything or anyone but has dedicated itself to plundering the Venezuelan coffers and usurping their wealth. They do this without any concealment, without a trace of shame. As a leader of the most radical opposition and with a policy of frank belligerence, in violation of Venezuelan law.

Guaidó has turned his self-proclamation into a private business, where his family and friends have been enriched thanks to sanctions and decisions that violate international law, resulting in billions of dollars from the Venezuelan State being handed over to the political group led by Guaidó. Funds deposited abroad by the state oil company PDVSA, the assets of the Citgo company in the United States, state deposits in banks in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Great Britain, all of which are illegally in the hands of opposition politicians, Venezuelan state funds have gone into personal accounts of the most extremist opposition leaders. Citgo has been joined by the surrender of Monómeros, a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of fertilizers, a subsidiary of the petrochemical company Pequiven . This is a true celebration of the plundering of Venezuela’s riches by those who claim to defend it and have demonstrated that their goal is simply to destroy what belongs to the Venezuelan people, a Guaidó who knows well that the apparent popularity gained after his self-proclamation in January 2019 has been squandered in the course of his travels abroad, where his inconsequential verbiage avoids commenting on acts of corruption involving him. A Juan Guaidó became a puppet without any dignity, subjected to the mockery of the Venezuelan population when he returned from his travels, designed to request punishments of hell for his own country.

A Guaidó dedicated to lobbying for the interests of the United States and its desire to keep Venezuela’s hydrocarbon wealth. A politician dedicated to underhanded work, who will not hesitate to sink Venezuela, to generate supply problems, to serve the desires of those in the north of the American continent. A Juan Guaidó who, in the words of Chavista leader Diosdado Cabello, “is kicking like a drowning man without popular support,” a statement given after the arrival of the self-proclaimed and illegal Guaidó in Caracas.

The tasks entrusted to Guaidó and the coup opposition by Washington are also aimed at attacking media that defend the Bolivarian process, such as Telesur, which in recent weeks has received threats of intervention that would turn it into a television station at the service of the opposition and its interests. Last January, the self-proclaimed leader of the opposition, as faithful agent, said that Telesur would be restructured. To follow up on this idea that emerged in Mike Pompeo’s offices, he appointed a new board of directors – without having any power to do so in a clearly pyrotechnic manoeuvre – a decision that was disqualified on January 30, 2020 by the constitutional chamber of Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), which determined “the absolute nullity for unconstitutionality and lack of legal effects of the decree of the “Commission for the Reorganization of C.A. Telesur Venezuela and its subsidiaries” created by the fictitious right-wing government.

In spite of the fact that his name is mentioned insistently in the media and that in his millionaire travels he pretends to speak for the Venezuelan people, Juan Guaidó is simply a puppet, a talking doll in the hands of the biggest puppeteer, Washington. Guaidó is an irrelevant character, not the destabilizing power behind the actions of the Venezuelan opposition. And with this in mind, the legitimate Venezuelan government, presided over by Nicolás Maduro Moro, has decided to take measures directed at accusing the real perpetrator of the crimes committed against the Venezuelan people: the United States and its government.

Thus, on February 13, 2020, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza went to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to file a complaint for crimes committed by the U.S. government against Venezuela through “unilateral and illegal coercive measures imposed since 2014”. In statements to the press from The Hague in the Netherlands, Arreaza said that Caracas is convinced that such measures constitute “widespread and systematic crimes against humanity, which have led to death, disease and hunger for Venezuelans,” concluded Minister Arreaza.

Logic indicates that Juan Guaidó should also be held accountable for the crimes committed against Venezuela, and that he should end up in prison for all the evils caused by his clearly criminal conduct. His political creed seeks to eliminate the legitimate Venezuelan government without any logical and rational proposal in the political, economic, and social areas that would address the country’s needs but would further undermine Venezuela, generating further deterioration of the economic and humanitarian situation in his own country. His program is not a Venezuelan program; it is a project that has emerged from the most reactionary sectors of the American right wing, which uses these morally bankrupt individuals as puppets.

In conclusion, the first and highest obligation of a democratic ruler is precisely to defend democracy. And, in that regard Maduro provides credible demonstrations of his knowledge on how to do it. The global right wing is desperate, reaching such an extreme that the idea of a criminal warlike attack under the protection of TIAR is already emerging with the leaders of the Lima Group, serving obscenely as a screen for the imperial power of the United States, the European oil powers without oil and Colombia, a growing Zionist enclave in Latin America. In this panorama, the dignity and strength with which Venezuela defends its sovereignty is outstanding.

Translation by Internationalist 360°