The Libyan Army Suspends Armistice to Deter Turkish Escalation

The Libyan National Army, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, has cut off the political manoeuvres of the Prime Minister of Al-Wefaq Fayez al-Sarraj, who is “confused” and subject to the orders of militias and mercenaries who were brought in by the Turkish regime.

The army’s suspension of the armistice comes after the Al-Wefaq government  announced the suspension of participation in the Geneva talks,  while the militias took advantage of the ceasefire to strengthen their positions.

“There is no peace, no negotiations, and no ceasefire with terrorists or the Turkish invaders, and we will not abandon our dream of a stable, secure country,” Major General Ahmed Al-Mesmari, military spokesman for the Libyan army, announced on Wednesday.

“The deceived Syrian mercenaries must surrender to the Libyan army, and safe passages will be provided for them to return home,” Al-Mesmari said.

Turkey continues to support the Al-Sarraj government with ammunition and weapons and has recruited mercenaries from Syria to fight in efforts to repel the Libyan army’s gains, which has also hampered international efforts to find a political settlement.

The statements of Turkish officials indicate that the foreign policies of the Saraj government are dictated from Ankara.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşo said Thursday that Turkish guarantees on Libya depend on respect for the armistice between the two parties. He reiterated his accusation that the Libyan army was violating the ceasefire, while reports indicate that Ankara continues to transfer ammunition and weapons through the ports and airports of Tripoli and the western region.

Gawishoglu pointed out to the state-run TRT News that the “international system” had failed to stop the clashes in Libya and that the political process there could not proceed with the Libyan army’s offensive continuing.

Al-Mesmari described Operation Tripoli Port as a “defensive, not offensive operation to prevent weapons from reaching terrorist elements.”

The Libyan army targeted a Turkish cargo ship in the port of Tripoli, exposing Turkish efforts to fuel conflict in the country through its support for the government of reconciliation and the militias that stand behind it with ammunition and weapons, against all  international efforts to find a political settlement and a ceasefire agreement.

Al-Mesmari: “Now Erdogan is moving the terrorists back from Syria to Libya, just as they moved them from Libya to Syria in the past.”

The military spokesman for the Libyan army announced the suspension of the truce in Libya, adding that “Erdogan has started to escalate significantly, and he is making official statements about the Libyan crisis as if he was “the president of Tripoli” The crisis has been prolonged and must end quickly, and there is no solution but a military solution.”

Al-Mesmari announced that the Libyan army commander, Field Marshal Khalifa Hafter, had arrived in Moscow to meet with Russian officials and discuss the Libyan crisis, adding that, “Commander-in-Chief Khalifa Haftar supports a peaceful solution to the Libyan crisis, and international initiatives,” stressing that “the Libyan army is fighting terrorism to protect its people and institutions. There is no peace in the presence of terrorism or foreign forces on Libyan territory.”

He said that while we listen to the peace theses, and participate in the talks, the Al-Wefaq government is bringing in terrorists from all corners of the earth, especially from Syria via Turkey, adding that there is no compromise or truce with terrorist groups or with Turkish occupying forces.

He stated that “Erdogan does not care about the Libyan people, but rather the Libyan gas and oil,” and that he recently declared as if he was the president of Tripoli, that “Turkey is sending arms and military equipment to Tripoli and transporting terrorists.”

Al Arab

Translation by Internationalist 360°