Nicaragua: Real Politics

Moisés Absalón Pastora

Cuba’s apostle José Martí, a virtuoso in Spanish-American politics and literature, once said that what is real in politics is not what we see. I understand his remark, full of absolute truth, assimilating it and embracing it more, to the extent that my experiences now permit me to make analyses that go beyond the obvious, beyond the news, and where 2+2 does not necessarily equal 4.

Politics is the mechanism through which every society manages to reconcile its differences. It is the medium for confronting conflicts and from there making pragmatic, practical decisions to smooth rough edges and it has nothing to do with the nonsense that some commentators repeat in the media with a view to being seen as great gurus of the political arts when in fact they are the ones most distant from any scenario leading to real ways out of conflicts.

All those individuals one often sees, hears or reads in those media who are merely preachers of lies and creators of smokescreens, ranting, saying any stupid thing so as to sell themselves as a kind of Rambo in their own movie. In fact, they are mad dogs their owners send out to bark, as often as not without knowing it themselves, so as to simulate positions of political force they do not have, but encouraging people even more ignorant of the true reality, to devote themselves to thinking of imaginary outcomes sketched out so as to make good the demoralization of those who after hearing so many lies came to realize things were not as they’d been told and that they were not only weak, but that the posturing braves were actually cowards.

The job of politicians is to square the circle, to make the impossible possible and that job is for career politicians not for career charlatans. It is work for people who calculate and measure the times we live in, people with their feet on the ground who do not speculate frivolously, who make pragmatism their weapon of choice and who only complain when they know they have no other choice. I am talking about real politics because we have to put into its true dimension the meeting Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, had in San José, Costa Rica for ten minutes with his servants in the Cynical Alliance, the whited sepulchres, the self-styled white-and-blues, and other flunkeys of his.

Here, all those sales people touting their homeland tried to say they had updated the imperial chancellor with more of their lies in a flash encounter, more to do with publicity than reality, where they spent more time getting up from the meeting than sitting down to talk. At the end of the meeting, those who are also now the “National Collision”, did not give statements. But Mike Pompeo did, saying that the political solution in Nicaragua is electoral, although he immediately recognized that this will be difficult because by now Daniel Ortega has consolidated his position. In that phrase the Imperial Secretary of State and owner of the national lackeys he maintains here, utters the entire truth because the main mea culpa he confesses is that his president, Donald Trump, he himself and the whole empire were swindled by those who simply looted the multi-million funding they received to carry out the failed coup attempt of 2018.

I am not going to go too far back in order to lay out what is really going on in the opposition, but two weeks ago, more or less a matter of days ago, the Cynical Alliance and the whited sepulchres of the White and Blue, in effect the Sandinista Renewal Movement, broke up big time with each one saying they would go their own way. There was no lack of the face-saving verbiage from people with equally rotten and inconsistent views that attacked them, to which they then said that it was not that they were dividing, but that they were taking a strategic decision, which of course was so stupid they would have been better off keeping their mouths shut. But not even a week had passed when Pompeo, the person putting up the money for the dog and pony show, called them for a meeting in San Salvador, with the fairy tale that they would feel less threatened there, whence they returned, just as disunited as before, but dressed up in their new “National Collision” costume. But with the same proposal, namely with no proposal at all and with the same faces, the faces of failure, to say that they returned to do more than before, more ridiculous “express pickets”, more barking in mercenary disinformation outlets, continuing to deceive people with the tale that they are the “saviors and champions” of a democracy they know nothing about.

This opposition had nothing to report in Costa Rica, because they had run out of new lies that Mike Pompeo hadn’t heard already. The Secretary of State already knows about the cat and dog lawsuit spats. He already knows that his “paladins” stole with both hands the multi-million financing the US government gave them to carry out the coup attempt against President Daniel Ortega, who is now fresher than ever, topping the electoral preferences of the Nicaraguans, who want Peace. Mike Pompeo already knows that Sandinismo is more united than ever and that he owes this outcome to his terrorist proteges. He knows that here in Nicaragua the only interest of his local flunkeys is to get the few congressional seats they might win in the 2021 elections and for which they will fight among themselves even more. He knows that here nobody does anything to them, that here the media are free and open and that those media personalities also get their cut, openly telling all the lies they want. He knows Nicaragua’s people want to work in peace and that the political shenaningans of the opposition are of no interest. He knows the opposition leadership are vulgar mercenaries regarded without the least respect.

As such, this is a destroyed and disarticulated opposition that serves only to show up in the most vivid way the US imperial failure in a country that although it has been strongly hit in its economy, politically has managed with its actions to stabilize the economy and resume the trajectory it was on before April 18th 2018. It has done so without resorting to an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth because if that had happened we would all have been left one-eyed, blind and toothless.

President Ortega has given up on the opposition, ignoring their now habitual failures. He doesn’t mention them, he doesn’t waste time on them, he doesn’t address their every madness, their gestures against the peace of the country as they try to sink it. What he has done is act on the true basis of politics by daily promoting a way of living and of understanding life, making explicit and reinforcing social values that set out what is admissible and what is not. Against the bitterness of the resentful few, it is Daniel Ortega who has consolidated a Nicaragua that today is in a process of recovery and that will come out ahead thanks to political pragmatism.

The desperation of the opposition in Nicaragua is because they know they are powerless and their reaction, motivated by a failure more evident every day, has been to throw stones at the tree that is bearing fruit for the great majority of Nicaraguans. The opposition’s owners in Washington know this is pernicious posturing bereft of a political program.

While here the opposition advocates imposing more sanctions against Nicaragua, the empire which is the one that subsidizes them, understands that here they don’t work and that, in its legitimate defense, the government of Nicaragua knows how to respond to sanctions and will do what it should do as a sovereign country to avoid what in reality is an aggression against its people and its territory.

While the US flunkeys think that doing politics means lying about what is happening in Nicaragua, the rest of the world no longer believes their infamies and no longer contemplates an aggressive agenda against our country because our truth has been more robust and reliable than all the lies put together by those who wanted to derail our country’s progress simply to take power by way of fraud.

If, as José Martí says, in politics the real is what is not seen, there are many things the opposition politicians are incapable of seeing, and when they do it will be too late, when they are even more defeated than they are today, they will finally realize why, as Hugo Chávez Frías said, “Eagles don’t eat flies”.

They may imagine what is happening, but, although they perform like mad dogs in their media where they are pose as heroes, they lack the dogs’ ability to sniff which way things are really going. The day they eventually wake up and find out will be when everything has been arranged, set up and done with. Only then will they realize the empire has no friends, only interests. In due course this opposition, suffering yet another humiliation as individuals who never deserved our nationality, will find itself dashed to pieces.

God bless Nicaragua