Bolivia: Interpol Rejects Coup Government Request for Persecution against Evo Morales International Police (Interpol) notified Bolivia’s coup government of its refusal to activate the blue and red stamps against former President Evo Morales, who is accused of terrorism, financing it, and sedition.

Attorney Eduardo León revealed that Interpol considered that the request processed by the Attorney General, Juan Lanchipa, differed from Articles 2(i) and 3 of its Statute and decided not to publish the notice and to remove the data of Morales from its database.

The document specified that Article 2 states that its actions must be in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, while Article 3 prohibits the entity from ‘intervening in matters of a political, military, religious or racial character’.

In light of that decision, Leon filed a complaint on Wednesday against Lanchipa for the crime of dereliction of duty and allegedly acting in a negligent manner in this case.

The lawyer said that the attorney general lied to the Bolivians about the persecution of Morales because the activation of the red and blue stamps must be through an order issued by a judge and not only through the efforts of the Attorney General’s Office.

“The Interpol’s decision demonstrates the lack of seriousness with which the Attorney General acted in this case and, furthermore, it shows the lack of knowledge that Mr. Lanchipa has,” he concluded.

On the other hand, Lanchipa, in line with the coup regime, also confirmed last December the request to activate the blue notice for the former Minister of Coordination with Social Movements, Alfredo Rada.

This is a request to locate Rada, whose whereabouts are unknown and who has been accused of three deaths of opposition civilians in 2007 (when he served as head of the Interior Government), during a riot against the constituent assembly that was in session in the central-southern city of Sucre, under siege by violent groups.

The request was made despite the fact that, as he acknowledged, Parliament’s indispensable authorization to open a trial of Rada’s responsibilities as is constitutionally required is still pending.

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