Abu Zaid Dorda: Either We Support the LNA or Let Turkish Invaders Occupy Our Country

Abu Zaid Omar Dorda, the former General Secretary of the People’s Committee of Libya (Prime Minister), and former Chief of the External Security Service (ESC) during the late Muammar Gaddafi’s era, said that when he was heading the ESC during Gaddafi’s rule in 2011, he received highly sensitive intelligence information which stated that there was a conspiracy against Libya, which would be implemented through militant organizations whose elements returned to the country before and during the early days of the Arab Spring, and spread destruction, ruin, havoc, killing and theft throughout the country.

Abu Zaid Omar Dorda, one of the most prominent officials of the Gaddafi government, was imprisoned in the wake of an armed uprising against long-time Libyan leader in 2011 which culminated in the overthrow and killing of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Dorda had been released for medical reasons by the Attorney General Bureau in Libya early last year.

In a televised speech broadcasted by Libya Now TV, Dorda accused the Chairman of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez al-Sarraj of siding with the Turks at the expense of the interests of the Libyan people because of his Turkish origins. He said he had documents to prove such allegations. The former spy chief said that Fayez al-Sarraj has requested Turkish military support because he would feel more comfortable with the Turks than any other foreign backers since he has ancestry that binds him with the Turks.

On an inspection visit to Al-Hadaba prison one day by Fayez al-Sarraj, Abu Zaid Dorda discovered that Sarraj “does not know what is going on around him and he carries out the instructions he receives by phone.”

Dorda said that the continuation of Fayez al-Sarraj and the Muslim Brotherhood in the governance of the country means the destruction of the country and its capabilities. He challenged Sarraj to provide a definition of the meaning of the civil state he is talking about “while militias steal the clothes of prime ministers from hotels,” said Dorda.

Dorda accused the GNA of being a government of illegal operatives for Ankara, acting as a caretaker for Turkish interests. He claimed that during the period of his incarceration after the fall of the Gaddafi government, he saw many senior bankers imprisoned who told him that they have been approached by prison wards for information on how to transfer funds and open accounts in Turkey to support Erdogan’s regime after the false-flag coup d’etat attempt in 2016, as he put it. He said that “these operatives pillaged the country” to save the Turkish economy and the Lira which suffered considerable depreciation vis-à-vis negotiable world currencies.

He pointed out that the Libyan institutions, at home and abroad, are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, and called for the purge of these establishments and the eradication of the roots of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Referring to some of the Gaddafi loyalists, Dorda said “anybody who has a problem with Khalifa Haftar can choose not to work with him, but he must come up with a solution.” He indicated that the Turkish intervention is not just against Field Marshal Haftar and the Libyan National Army only but against all Libyans.

He noted that the Muslim Brotherhood wants Libya to be a treasury house for its transnational agenda to consolidate Turkey’s influence in the country and the entire region. He said that the morale of the militias in Tripoli was collapsing and there is no longer anything but exploitation and aggression by Erdogan.

Dorda said that Khaled al-Sharif, the LIFG member who was the former chief of the prison where he was serving his sentence, forced the personnel and inmates at Al-Hadaba prison to pack ammunition and weapons to transport them from Tripoli to the radical organizations in Benghazi and Derna, while the allocations that were given to him by the government were transferred to Turkey.

In his televised speech, Dorda called for an interim national flag; a flag with a white background and at its centre the image of Omar Mukhtar, the legendary Libyan freedom fighter who led the resistance movement in Cyrenaica, Libya, during the era of the Italian fascist colonization in Libya.

Dorda said that Libyans could later decide on their national flag after they formally voted on a constitution that would unite all the components of the country. He called on the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar not to close the door to those who were called revolutionaries and were not involved in crimes against Libyans.

Concluding his speech, the former Chief of the External Security Service urged the Tripoli residents to protect their neighbourhoods and their streets and safeguard the LNA since its advance towards the capital is solely to liberate the city from the militias and protect them from an imminent Turkish occupation.

Al Marsad