Bolivia: The Transition to the “Final Solution”

Rafael Bautista

The deception of a coup with the facade of “transition” describes, neatly, a heap of political and intellectual delusions, especially on the left; whose apology of the government of “transition” is defining its own historical suicide. The opposition left (to the MAS government) has not only opted for an opportunist protagonism but also, the absolute loss of its historical significance, faithfully fulfilling the final imperial goal: to denigrate and definitively demolish all popular horizons. The current criminalization and persecution of the indigenous people has, as its ultimate goal, the abolition of the political horizon proposed by them: living well, decolonization and the plurinational State.

The opposition left denounced so much the right-wing of Evo’s government that they never took notice of their own right-wing. They denounced the supposed dictatorship and “masista domination” so much that they no longer recognize the true dictatorship and domination of white supremacism in its Creole-mestizo version. They accused the Indian caudillo to the extent that they did not recognize the legitimacy they gave to the warlord (Carlos Mesa) and to the “macho” inquisitor (Fernando Camacho).

The garments of a nationalization were so torn that they now say there was no nationalization, that they have nothing to say about the announced systematic alienation of lithium and all our strategic resources. While they protested freely about the lack of freedom of expression in the supposed dictatorship, they have now forgotten the demands, when all rights are violated, and journalists are threatened, persecuted, imprisoned and expelled, and international media are outlawed.

This left functional to the Empire sealed its own death. It criticizes everything but never engages in self-criticism or at least cleanse its own historical misery, which it carries like a curse: to offer the right, on a silver platter, their own replacement.

Trotskyism was exemplary in this regard, always reediting its own genetic anathema of opening the doors to fascism. Therefore, it is not surprising that extremist restraint is the virus introduced in the popular struggle to right its options. That happened with the functionalization of disagreement and anti-government dissent, for the benefit of an empowered fascism that soon led an assault on democracy, in the name of democracy.

This right-wing was also promoted in academic circles and, from there, protected by a-critical criticism (which is more inclined towards pure criticism), they devoted themselves diligently to undermining everything so that nothing would remain; thus giving the best argument to legitimize the fascist hatred unleashed against the Indian.

The academia boasts of its ‘critique,” but it is that which provides the necessary arguments for conservative restoration. Through academic mediation, the fascist right was provided with the “illustration” of its obscurantism as an intellectual offering; this mediation even sponsored and legitimized a fascist coup in order to achieve the “transition”, the systematic dismantling, not only of the institutionality they claimed to defend, but also of their own national sovereignty.

The establishment of a de facto regime, the decree that gives the army a “license to kill,” the liberation of export quotas, the announced privatization of strategic companies, the revanchist white massacre, the redesign of the diplomatic corps, the revision of the RR.II., the resumption of relations with the U.S., etc., are not the attributions of a “transitional government”. This definitive turning point will be the orientation of the new imposed order that will be established with the real fraud that is being plotted with the appointment of Salvador Romero, Carlos Mesa’s nominee, as a member of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

Little by little, the coup planning is being unmasked. Diligently applying fascist logic, they criminalized popular protest, while sanctifying the racist “kristalnacht” unleashed by the “cruceñista youth,” “cochala youth,” “la resistencia paceña,” etc. Today they persecute popular leaders, under the label of “masists,” accusing them of being seditious and terrorists; but they say nothing about the Nazi hordes of youth and university students who burned, destroyed, vexed and even almost burned the authorities of the previous government alive; not to mention that the current rector of the UMSA had purchased fire insurance days before the burning of his house, or that the 64 pumakatari buses that were burned were in disuse and withdrawn from operation in a junk cemetery.

Now they will surely succinctly collect their insurance from a planned operation that reveals the perversity of certain people who sowed chaos to get riches from a country in flames. Urban society swallowed the tale of the “hordes” who came to destroy everything, to justify the repression of the army. Those “hordes” were, in fact, those who came to support Camacho and Pumari and the coup assault, now blessed as “defenders of democracy” by the de facto regime.

Those mobilized at the Senkata plant were in blockade for five days, without police or army, and it never occurred to them to set fire to the gas storage tanks; but the accusation of terrorism was enough for the people of La Paz to call the army and police “heroes,” who caused 9 deaths and wounded dozens. Once again, as in October 2003, La Paz is supplied with fuel stained with the blood of the people who fell for the defense of our resources.

Naive environmentalists (who do not understand the geopolitics of the environmental discourse and the struggle of capitals that function even as new niches of accumulation) have been co-opted by the “reforestation” policy of the Chiquitanía, which will begin the definitive extension of the transgenic soybean agricultural frontier, for the exclusive benefit of the agro-industrial capital of Santa Cruz, which, with its spinning threads, is controlled by Brazilian capital and financed by Monsanto.

The premeditated burning of the Chiquitanía served to mobilize the urban youth around the demand for “international aid”; thanks to this mediation, from Jujuy, Argentina, all the logistical material and the necessary dollars were brought in to purchase from paramilitary groups, guarimber hitmen disguised as “democrat youth”, Civic Committees and the coercive apparatuses of the State. Everything was planned, but the left, even the academic left, was so immersed in its pathological rejection of the “false Indian president” that it saw nothing. And it continues to be blind to what is to come.

The right wing already has its government program written in Washington, whose spokespersons will be Camacho and Pumari: the “federalization” of the country, meaning the fracturing of the country, that is, its balkanization; so that our strategic resources will never be national patrimony again.

The worst thing: the dismemberment of the plurinational spirit and imposition of a new re-conquest that will spread “creative chaos” in the region. Bolivia is the beginning of the coup of the geoeconomy of the dollar to the entire South American continent.

That is what a “final solution” consists of, from Nazi Germany to the “core and the gap” doctrine of the Pentagon and the CIA: unleashing indefinite chaos as the new physiognomy of a world plunged into hell.

The sad thing is that, when we end up like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, there will be no one left alive to point out to the foolish “critics” of the left, how deeply mistaken they were.

La Paz, Chuquiago Marka, Bolivia, November 27, 2019
Rafael Bautista S.
author of: “El tablero del siglo XXI: decolonial geopolitics of a new post-Western order.”

Translation by Internationalist 360º