Chancellor Arreaza Warns of False Flag Operations in Venezuela in Conspiracy with the U.S.

On Friday, the Minister of People’s Power for Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, denounced the new interventionist actions and seditious calls of the United States government to the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) with the objective of promoting a coup d’état in the Latin American country.

Several of the U.S. political and military spokespersons, specified the Venezuelan foreign minister through his Twitter account @jaarreaza, act with the coup opposition and prepare violent operations of false flag in the coming hours.

We denounce these new calls and interfering actions of the U.S. government to promote a coup d’état in Venezuela. Several of their political and military spokespersons, acting with the coup opposition, are preparing violent operations with false flags in the coming hours

– Jorge Arreaza M (@jaarreaza) November 15, 2019

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister’s statement follows the U.S. Southern Command’s call for subversion of the Venezuelan military.

This call also provoked the response of the Venezuelan Minister of Defense, General in Chief Vladimir Padrino López, who not only emphasized the right to peaceful protest established in the national Constitution, but also that the fulfillment of its precepts and the defense of the fundamental rights of Venezuelan citizens has been the main concern of the military corps.

Correct! It has been our main concern since it is the task that we are constitutionally assigned. Peaceful protest is contemplated in our Magna Carta and this is respected in this country, which lives in full democracy, where popular sovereignty is also respected.

– Vladimir Padrino L. (@vladimirpadrino) November 15, 2019

The world is witness to the “peaceful protests” encouraged by imperialism to destabilize countries in the world, promoting coups d’état against sovereign governments. With what morality does a military institution, accused of war crimes, present itself as a peace monitor?

Two mobilizations are planned for this Saturday in Caracas: one called by the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) and another by sectors of the opposition.