Bolivian Army Massacres Peaceful Protesters in Cochabamba

I condemn and denounce before the world that the coup regime that took power by assault in my beloved Bolivia represses with bullets from the Armed Forces and the Police the people who demand pacification and replacement of the Rule of Law. Now they murder our brothers in Sacaba, Cochabamba.

We ask the Armed Forces and the Bolivian Police to stop the massacre. The uniform of the institutions of the Homeland cannot be stained with the blood of our people.

The dictatorship of Jeanine Áñez and the coup plotters Mesa and Camacho enjoy the complicity of ex-defenders of the Albarracín and Villena People to massacre the humble people who march peacefully to return to democracy. They will have to answer for serious crimes against humanity.

To justify the coup, Mesa and Camacho accused us of “dictatorship”. Now their self-appointed “president” and her law firm of rapists and repressors, massacres the people with the Armed Forces and the Police as the real dictatorship. #No State CoupInBolivia

As today, 1781, was executed by the Spanish yoke brother Tupac Katari. After being betrayed for fighting for the liberation of our people, he was imprisoned and sentenced to die dismembered. Now, the coup plotters massacre indigenous and humble people for asking for democracy.

Spanish imperialism thought that by dismembering Tupac Katari 238 years ago, it would cut the strength of the peoples to break the chains of colonialism. Today more than ever the struggle continues. Faced with the repression of racist coup, we repeat the sentence: “I will return and I will be millions!”

Excessive repression and massacre in Cochabamba, today, November 15. Strong images, but necessary to denounce the repressive and dictatorial character of those who have assaulted power in Bolivia. The international community must condemn and act to stop this barbarism.

Each victim is marked with the names of those who planned, executed, protected and denied the barbaric, religious fundamentalist and colonial coup d’état that is being imposed on the Bolivian people. It is our duty to fight the fascist wave that is sweeping Bolivia today.

The fascist dictatorship assassinating the people fighting for their freedom is protected by the USA and its satellite countries, as well as by the corporate propaganda organs. Let us tear off the mask of these criminals and show the world what they hide. Bolivia in Resistance!

Strong repression in Cochabamba, Bolivia, against the protests in repudiation of the coup d’état Demonstrators ask to broadcast the videos they record, denouncing that the national media do not show their side of the story.

URGENT BOLIVIA: At least five killed by repression in Sacaba, Cochabamba The medical personnel who identify the bodies define the act as a massacre The police and army repress protests against the #BoliviaState Coup

#URGENTE| Municipio Sacaba in #Cochabamba “this is truly dramatic in the Mexico hospital, the majority of injured by bullets continue to arrive”, so many wounded have arrived that they are being treated on the outside, the capacity has been exceeded this is #Day6 #Golpe

IMAGES of the brutal police and military deployment during the #Sacaba massacre the mobilized were unarmed and carrying only their Wiphalas.