Anti-Coup Lawmakers in Bolivia Hold a Session in the Assembly, Elect a New President

Mónica Eva Copa, from MAS, is sworn in as president of the Bolivian Senate.

Bolivia is experiencing a coup d’état characterized by acts of violence against indigenous people and the illegal self-proclamation of a de facto government.

The Bolivian Senate Chamber swore in Monica Eva Copa, legislator of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), as its new president, in the midst of the coup d’état the country is going through.

This Thursday, the Chamber of Deputies was also able to form a quorum with 74 MAS parliamentarians and one opposition deputy. During the session, Sergio Choque, a member of parliament from MAS, was elected as the new president of the chamber.

In this way, both Houses return to normal with new directives after the resignations provoked by the coup d’état that resulted in the forced resignation of several MAS government officials, among them the legitimate President Evo Morales, and Vice President Álvaro García Linera.

The first secretary of the House of Senators, Omar Aguilar, opened the session of the House of Senators with a minute of silence for those killed during the last days by violence and repression in the streets.