International Arrest Request for the Coup Members in Bolivia

Abu Faisal Sergio Tapia

“For incitement to the crime of hatred and racism and violation of the human rights of the Bolivian people. Because a coup d’état is a crime against humanity”.

The self-proclaimed illegal racist president Jeanine Añez, usurper of the power of the people, in clear violation of the Magna Carta of the Bolivian Constitution and the internal norms of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, and added without the necessary quorum in Parliament, together with the paramilitary terrorist Luis Fernando Camacho, alias the Macho, fascist coup leader of the extreme right of the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz, directly responsible for the racial hatred of the white and rich youth of the Bolivian east where they practice the crime of racism and discrimination against the women of the indigenous peoples, evidences the illegal installation of persons dangerous to the human rights of the Bolivian people.

Jeanine Añez, senator, self-proclaimed president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, coup plotter, is the aunt of Carlos Andrés Añez Dorado, Bolivian drug trafficker with international connections, arrested in October 2017 in the city of Mato Grosso in Brazil, for carrying almost 500 kilos of cocaine in a small plane from Bolivia, evidence the quality of the representatives of the extreme right to preside over illegality, where the terrorism of paramilitaries and racists take the Andean nation by storm.

These are crimes of hatred, racism and persecution against the indigenous identity of a nation, through systematic violations of the International Conventions on Human Rights, the Rights of the Child, the Rome Statute as the basis of the Statute of the International Criminal Court and through direct and systematic attacks against the life and human dignity of a people, through the use of gangs and hordes of a violent, paramilitary nature, with the coordination of the armed forces and police security forces, for the repression, persecution, and death of the civilian population, stigmatizing to justify their violent acts of racial hatred in a systematic manner, and stigmatizing to justify their violent acts of racial hatred in a systematic way, and through the use of gangs and hordes of a violent, paramilitary nature, with the coordination of the armed forces and police security forces, for the repression, persecution, and murder of the civilian population, and the use of stigmatization to justify their violent acts of racial hatred:

The right-wing security forces and extreme right-wing paramilitary groups, are illegally pursuing, capturing and imprisoning citizens according to a list of their names and surnames.

Kidnapping, torture and threat of death of relatives of officials, social leaders and representatives of the Bolivian people.

Murder of civilians with live ammunition by the Bolivian Armed Forces and the Bolivian Police.

Burning of symbols of the identity of the Bolivian people, the Wiphalas flag that represents the original peoples throughout the continent.

Occupation of the media, silencing them and issuing their call for a fascist coup d’état, racial persecution, creating rhetorical propaganda against democracy and falsification of history.

Burning of the homes of democratically elected officials and representatives of the Bolivian people.

Repression and militarization of the streets.

Burning of the houses of governors, mayors, ministers, deputy ministers, headquarters of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), the house of the sister of the legitimate President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, and the destruction of the government house.

Calling for acts of violence in La Paz; looting encouraged by the main right-wing oppositionist, Carlos Mesa, and by the president of the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz, Luis Camacho.

The Bolivian racist extreme right refused to recognize the results that gave Morales his re-election and organized and planned the coup d’état and racial hatred through strikes, blockades, seizures of institutions, as well as the persecution of politicians affiliated with the Movement for Socialism (MAS), the governing party.

The request of the extreme right wing group of the Camacho paramilitary is that a record be made of the profiles that support Morales and repudiate the coup d’état of the right and then imprison them, according to the following text:

“The MAS is a criminal organization. Once Evo Morales falls, there will be a search to identify the ‘cyber llunkus’ traitors of the people and imprison them, locating them through their mobile devices. Fake profiles won’t save them”.

Congressman Víctor Borda, president of the Chamber of Deputies, had to resign from his post on November 10 because murderous hordes burned his house and kidnapped his brother. “I resign from the Chamber of Deputies (…), hopefully to preserve the physical integrity of my brother who was taken hostage” during the attack in the Andean city of Potosí (southwest),” Borda told Bolivian media.

“Our humble people have been violated, they have been shot with helicopter gunships, there are dead and wounded that have not yet been reported in the media, we are living through very difficult times”.

This Saturday, extreme right-wing groups have besieged the facilities of the state television station Bolivia TV and have assaulted its workers.

Bolivian opposition demonstrators have surrounded the building where the New Homeland Network and the Bolivia TV channel (BTV) operate, and have forced their workers to suspend news services, threatening them with death.

The only option for civil society is to request the international capture of these sinister terrorists, paramilitaries, racists, white supremacists, human rights violators, coup d’état perpetrators, responsible for bloodshed and hate speech.

As defenders of the human rights of peoples, we must denounce, before regional and international human rights bodies, as well as in the courts of our countries, the violation of human rights and racial hatred against human dignity in Bolivia today.

Request the International Criminal Court and the international justice and human rights bodies of the European Union and Latin America to open a case and investigate and condemn those guilty of hate crimes and racism committed by those who carried out the coup d’état in Bolivia.

They will be unpunished for their crimes against humanity, if we allow it, if we forget.

“If we cannot combat crimes against humanity, at least denounce them, so that they are not committed under the shadow of impunity.”