Declaration by Nicaragua in the OAS on Bolivia

ON NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Madam President;

Members of the Council:

This Meeting of the Permanent Council allows us to express our Considerations, as Sovereign Nations and Peoples, regarding the appalling rupture of the Constitutional Order that occurred in Bolivia, a rupture that was prepared in advance, deliberately with premeditation and intent, finalizing the Coup d’etat with the imposition of the weapons of the Armed Forces forcing the resignation of the Head of the Bolivian State, Comrade Evo Morales Ayma.

Plans of agitation and political alteration were forged and carried out in our Sister Nation Bolivia, long months in advance, preparing scenarios such as those lived since October 20, ignoring the Results of the Elections and the Bolivian Popular Vote, as well as ignoring and disqualifying the competent National Authorities, violating, as usual, our Sovereignties, Independence, and the Right to an Institutionality that is Democratic legitimate, proper, competent and designated by the Peoples and by the legally Elected Governments, according to our Sovereign Political Systems.

The Institutions and the State, in Bolivia, have been violently usurped by a coup that brought together external and internal actors, whose first mission was to delegitimize, discredit, defame, devaluate the Bolivian State, its Authorities and its President. All in a script already rehearsed in other Countries of OurAmerica-Caribbean and the World with the objective of destroying successful Economies, Ways of Life and Political and Social Models, as long as they represented Dignity and Determination to use our own Natural Riches, to channel them to the Fight against Social Injustice and all stages of Poverty and Extreme Poverty.

The Nationalization and enjoyment of what is ours is a crime for the Rich and Greedy, in order to return to the People their Wealth through Policies and Programs for Wellbeing and in Harmony and Solidarity, with all Social Rights and with the well-deserved Welfare.

It is a crime for the Imperialists of the Earth, in this Continent and beyond, that we have designed our own Models and Paths toward Development with Social Justice. It is a Crime for the Imperialists and their agents that we demand the Recognition of our Cultures, Identities and Ways of Life, in order to defend the Wellbeing of our Peoples, the Security and the Sense of Nation that makes us Protagonists of a Vital World, in the Struggles necessary to live according to the Ideals and Human Values ​​that correspond to us.

The coup d’etat slowly executed in our Sister Nation Bolivia, has been emphatically condemned by Governments, Personalities and Peoples of the World. It constitutes a political aberration and confirms the reinstatement of the worst forms of imperial imposition that we have known throughout our history, and which have destroyed the Prosperity of our Countries and Peoples; that have overthrown Legitimate Governments, that have promoted endless wars, that have intervened and continue to intervene, militarily and politically in our Continent and in so many parts of the World.

The worst forms and expressions of imperial domination over our Peoples are manifested in today’s World through instant, offensive and brutal communications; through the insidious work of organizations financed and trained to incite violence and provoke the rupture of democracy. The worst forms and expressions of imperialist desire are expressed today, through aggressions and unilateral, arbitrary and illegal measures, which, ignoring Sovereignty and Independence, impose economic wars, blockades, personal attacks, daily harassment and destruction of the Right that we all have, to Live and Prosper.

The worst forms of this shameful attempt to return the Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean to the History of Coups, crimes, torture, kidnappings, murders, rapes, terrorism, racism, fascism and of course invasions, which they have used and continue to use, aiming to usurp our Riches and intimidate and defeat those of us who fight.

The worst forms of arrogance and purported imperial supremacy, are being expressed today in OurAmericanCaribbean and the World, ignoring the growth of the Consciousness of the Peoples and the Right to be the Protagonists of our own Lives, from the indispensable claim and appropriation of our Holy Lands.

Bolivia has experienced the worst and most perverse forms of imperialist domination, which imposed the ending of a Period of Rights and Welfare in that Sister Nation and Peoples. Bolivia has experienced disrespect and delegitimization of the Institutions and the Will of its People, in flagrant violation of the Charter of the United Nations, and the Charter of the Organization of American States, which was invited to participate and observe, and ended up becoming a judge and arbitrator, pontificating and sentencing, without any right, on a proper, National Process, where the Majorities gave their support to President Brother, Evo Morales Ayma.

In Bolivia, the nature of certain missions was confirmed as intrusive and calculatedly involved in the planning and consummation, of the script of destabilization and destruction of the Sovereign and Plurinational State. The script and format are identical, applied in many countries, and are known as “soft” coups, or “colorful” coups, as the case may be.

In this regard, we highlight and fully support the words of Ambassador Luz Elena Baños, representing Mexico, on October 23 in the Permanent Council.

Mexico considers that the work of the MOEs Electoral Observation Missions is of a technical nature and not binding. According to the Inter-American Democratic Charter in its article 23 they provide advice or assistance, they do not oversee elections. Mexico considers the work of the Electoral Observation Missions valuable because of their potential to strengthen electoral processes in the region, provided that their work is neutral, non-interventionist, and does not become a political and deliberative actor of processes that belong to the citizens and institutions of each of our countries.

We completely agree with the Position of Mexico and from this Permanent Council, Nicaragua, the Nicaraguan People, we denounce to the World, the continuity and escalation of interventionist, imperial and pro-imperialist practices, which have prevailed in the United States and in its Organizations and Satellite Agents.

We denounce to the World the violent and interventionist nature of the thirsty onslaught, by Fascism and the Oligarchies, in absolute union with economic interests, in an effort to dominate, use and abuse our Resources and Countries, from the greed of the Empires. In Bolivia the submission, subordination and lack of Patriotic or Christian Spirit of the Oligarchies and the Traditionally Dominant Classes was exposed, with abundant evidence, plunging that Beloved People into anarchy and chaos, condemning it again to Misery and Exclusion.

In this Permanent Council our denunciation is in the name of the People of Nicaragua, also hit by terrorism and hate crimes, absurdly seeking to submit them. The People of Nicaragua know the nature and practices of imperial ambition, because we know the ignoble character of those who have traditionally placed themselves ahead of the rest and continue to place, rage, and interests and insane ambitions, ignoring the Love that honors, when we show Spirit of Service to the Motherland and the People.

This Representation of the Government and People of Nicaragua demands from this Council a resolution that is objective, rational and coherent with the Principles of the OAS Charter, so that the delegitimization and devaluation of this Organization may, hopefully, transcend, because that is what the Member States demand, We demand and deserve Respect, as Honest, Worthy, Brave People, Free and Full of Strength, Hope and Faith!

Mission of Nicaragua to the OAS
Government of Reconciliation and
National Unity
November 12, 2019

Translation by Tortilla Con Sal