“Listen, All You Racists, You Pro-Imperialists, You Hired Killers, You Empires, Just Listen and Hear.”

https://i0.wp.com/www.tortillaconsal.com/images/rosario76.jpgRosario Murillo, Vice President of Nicaragua

How many things, how many events, how much hatred we have witnessed in our Caribbean America! But also, how much dignity, how much courage and how much faith our peoples have! The original peoples, the mestizo peoples, the Afro-descendant peoples, the families of Our Caribbean America who decided centuries ago to break the yoke , who have proclaimed ourselves independent with honor, with dignity and who today continue fighting because events like the ones we have experienced this weekend, coups d’état, intervention, aggression, intervention by aggression, by unwonted violence against our peoples’ democratic processes, encroach on our rights but we know that nor can they nor will they be able to, because the spiritual strength of our peoples is immense.

That is why we meet the dawn with the increased hope, with more challenges, but with more challenges the soul of our great homeland grows and multiplies, takes flight making the pace of the new times that we are creating together, we the free and worthy peoples of Our Caribbean America.

Our souls are not those of slaves, we do not have the blood of slaves. Slavery was an infamy of empires, an infamy of economic models plundering the natural resources of the world’s peoples. But among those peoples none have the soul of slaves, there is no blood in our veins of slavery, or of subjugation, or of subordination to the world powers.

Our great homeland, Our America, our Caribbean America, is in struggle, making ready to continue forging victories for the rights of peoples, for peace, for justice, in a world that we are making better with our struggles, our experience, our learning, with our commitment to continue fighting and continue winning.

Listen, listen, listen all you racists, you pro-imperialists, you hired killers, you empires, just listen and hear. We take on the struggle and we are noble, brave, worthy sons and daughters of these sacred lands where the atrocities, the coups, those infamous coups d’état, we know will not go unpunished, because as we said in our Nicaragua in the months of perfidy, of perversity, they will pay for their crimes, the crimes of hatred, crimes against economies, against processes of national dignity, crimes that seek to return to the illegitimate oligarchies the power to continue looting our natural resources for empires, to re-impose or continue to impose misery on the great majorities, impose those hate crimes that we knew in our Nicaragua and that will never return, thanks to the courageous and sovereign decision of the Nicaraguan people.

Faced with the perennial intentions of the imperialists and the organizations and hired killers they always use,faced with their perversity wanting to terrorize, intimidate, assassinate in order to impose their greed, in order to impose economic models denying peoples their right to a good life, to a life of well-being, we know we are winning, we know we will win and that there will be justice, justice and reparation for the families of Our Caribbean America that have been attacked, are being attacked, violated, humiliated.

They think they humiliate us, but our soul never humbles itself, never kneels in this continent of courage. They have sought to subjugate us, inflicting cruel, humiliating and degrading treatment on us, with no human consideration, nor any Christian consideration. And we, the peoples of Our America and our Nicaragua, are struggling with all our heart to persevere with Truth, Life, Light, the Light of Faith, the Light of Love, of Affection, proclaiming ourselves as Sacred Territories of Justice, of Harmonious Coexistence, of Work and Peace.

Listen imperialists, listen and hear, we are peoples in struggle. In Nicaragua, you could not prevail nor will you. In Our Caribbean America you will never again be able to subjugate our proud native cultures of Mestizos, of Afro-descendants, we are increasingly more, more and more millions, all sure of our abilities and our rights, demanding respect for our abilities and rights, our sovereignty, our independence and our right to live in Peace.

We insisted on that here and we demand it throughout the continent. We stand firm demanding justice, reparations, life, our strength is growing and from that growing strength we proclaim every day that this America, our Caribbean Latin America is one of Freedom, Dignity, Brotherhood and Sisterhood, for Equitable Development, for Peace.

That is why we say that every day we face any circumstance with courage and increasing inspiration… and we know that we are capable and that we always move forward victorious.

Sometimes one does not understand a given moment and the victories it may contain. But these struggles, we know from our upbringing, from experience, from life, these difficult, seemingly adverse moments always contain victories, victories we have the obligation to build. Let us advance, our enemies will not be able to overcome the peoples of Our America, the free, dignified, great peoples of this Caribbean America, Latin Caribbean America, free, dignified and great. We fight to overcome, they couldn’t defeat us nor will they. Let’s move forward.

Translation by Tortilla Con Sal