NSCAG Calls Amnesty International to Account

For some considerable time, Amnesty International’s reporting has repeatedly and consistently criticised the Nicaraguan government, completely disregarding its massive achievements in tackling real human rights issues in Nicaragua such as reducing poverty, massively improving health services and addressing gender inequality.

Their reporting serves only to destabilise Nicaragua and trample on the human rights and dignity of the vast majority of Nicaraguans who want to live in peace and determine their own future..

In seeking to challenge and even engage with Amnesty on its flawed and biased reporting, they have constantly refused to provide us with satisfactory answers to our feedback and complaints – in most cases, they have not even acknowledged our legitimate concerns.

In our latest briefing, written for us by John Perry, we look at AI’s blinkered campaign over the past three years and its refusal to abide by its own rules. A full copy of the briefing can be downloaded here.

Download the complete briefing PDF (804Kb)

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